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CSR, WeTransfer-style

For us, corporate social responsibility means being a positive influence on the creative community, as well as the world around us. And by simply using WeTransfer, you can help us make an even greater impact.

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Backing it up

We’re already taking concrete action towards being a force for good—from meeting high standards of social and environmental impact, to launching our own foundation.
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B Corp

A designation assigned to businesses that meet high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency.

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Climate Neutral

A certification which confirms that we're a company actively working to reduce our emissions as much as possible.

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The Supporting Act Foundation

Our foundation which aims at supporting emerging artists and community-centered initiatives.

What’s more, since 2009, 30% of our advertising space (around 8 billion views a year) is donated to creatives and causes. The outcome:


emerging creatives and causes supported

And we just keep it coming...


Our latest B Corp score improves upon our previous one of 80.4 as we continue to grow our business responsibly.


euros donated so far to artists through our Supporting Act Foundation. That’s 72+ artists and organizations supported.


global monthly active users, each one helping make our impact possible.


files shared every month, all contributing to driving our cause.

How we drive our impact

B Corp

Growing our business responsibly

With your support, we can continue making impactful user tools designed responsibly, forming mindful advertising partnerships, telling stories that cover all sorts of communities, and making sure our awesome team stays happy and fulfilled.

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Stepping up for the planet

We're a Climate Neutral Certified company. Discover how we're reducing our carbon footprint —and how you can help too.

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Building trustworthy tools that keep you safe

All our tools are built to keep you and your files protected—from rigorous security testing, to early threat detection and data encryption. It’s a vital way of fostering trust and measuring our positive impact on our users.

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the supporting act foudation

Helping creativity thrive

Whether it’s giving exposure to creatives and causes we care about, or donating over a million euros to underfunded artists, we’re all about supporting creativity.

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The Best We Can Do, For Now

WeTransfer doubles down on support for creatives in lockdown

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It’s cool to B Corp: We’re officially a B Corp

We’re proud to announce that WeTransfer is an officially certified B Corporation

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Breaking the climate-neutral barrier

Our first milestone on our sustainability journey

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