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Less of us, more of you

Make WeTransfer your own and stand out online with custom backgrounds, URLs, beautifully personalized emails, and so much more.

Beautiful ideas need a beautiful space

We care about the details, because it’s the little things –– like receiving a beautiful branded email –– that make your audience feel special.

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Own the space

Upload your logo and change your page’s look and feel at the touch of a button.

Build your ecosystem

Pick your color palette and add recognizable elements to create brand consistency.
Feature - Branding - Make it yoursFeature - Branding - Make it yours

Claim your domain

Customize your WeTransfer URL and claim your subdomain to easily share it with your audience.
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Create an experience

Add rotating images or videos to your WeTransfer background to bring your page to life.
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Expand your reach

Link out to your website, portfolio, Patreon, TikTok, Insta and more and cross-promote with ease.
Feature - Branding - Sent from youFeature - Branding - Sent from you

Sent from you

Build audience trust by creating a beautifully personalized email experience.

When clients visit our branded WeTransfer page, they know they’re in a place they can trust. For us, that’s extremely important, because it means we’ve created consistency and familiarity.

Massimo Franco, Market Researcher
Client portals

Roll out the red carpet

Upload your work to a portal and add custom branding for each client for a simple way to make your clients feel special.

Learn more
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Teams using WeTransfer

Be effortlessly consistent

WeTransfer’s tools make it easy to incorporate your brand identity into the process of sharing and shipping digital products.

Customize WeTransferCustomize WeTransfer

How to customize your WeTransfer page

Learn how to put your stamp on your WeTransfer page to create brand consistency and build trust.


How to customize portals

Discover how to create multiple branded portals, bespoke to each client or project.


All your questions answered.
  • How do I set up my WeTransfer wallpaper?

    Once you've claimed your WeTransfer page, it's time to customise it. Your page's wallpaper can display up to 5 images and/or videos. 

    Each wallpaper is displayed for 30 seconds on a random rotation. If needs be, wallpapers will be cropped/resized to fit the browser window as per the device/display screen accordingly. Your wallpapers may also be compressed for optimised display.

    You can choose to display just videos as your wallpapers or just images, or a combination of both with a maximum of 5 different backgrounds.

    Here's what you need to know to set your wallpapers up correctly:

    For your videos: 

    • You can have up to 5 different video wallpapers 

    • Use a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels 

    • Video file size has to be a max of 5MB

    • Videos can only be MP4 files

    • Videos will be displayed for 30 seconds at a time (longer videos will be cut short)

    For your images:

    • Images can only be: JPEG, PNG files

    • Use a resolution of at least 1920 x 1200 pixels

    • Your image file size must be 5MB or less

    • Images will be displayed for 30 seconds at a time and on random rotation

    • The maximum resolution that can be used is 8000 x 5000 pixels

    How to Add Wallpapers To add backgrounds to your page, make sure you're logged in and click on the Branding tab. In the panel that appears, scroll down until you see the 'Wallpapers' section. Click on one of these windows to add your own image or video, or choose from our gallery of editorial wallpapers. If you already have 5 wallpapers active, you need to remove one of them to be able to select an image from our gallery. The background you have chosen will be viewable in the branding tab of your account. 

    The appearance of your account will vary according to your subscription plan

    To remove a video background, hover over the selected background with your mouse and click on the 'X' in the middle of the image to delete it.

    The appearance of your account will vary according to your subscription plan

    Once you've added new backgrounds make sure to click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the page. 

    You can choose to link your backgrounds to another website. When a visitor clicks on your profile backgrounds, a separate window will open the website you've linked your profile to. You can link to your company website, art portfolio, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or any other site.

    You're not allowed to sell your wallpaper space. For more info on this, please see our Terms of Service.

    Having issues? You may notice when you upload a new background that your wallpaper does not load correctly and instead what you see is one of WeTransfer's backdrops instead of your own.

    This could be due to your image having the CMYK color mode as opposed to RGB color mode in its settings.

    All you need to do is switch the colour mode to RGB. Use a resolution of at least 1900 x 1200 pixels. The maximum resolution that can be used is 8000 x 5000 pixels. 

    If you have access to an editing software tool like Photoshop, you can change this yourself. To learn how to do so, just check out this article.

  • How do I customize my brand settings?

    Your WeTransfer page is many things but, first and foremost, your page is your own version of WeTransfer. Your page is a personal subdomain you can brand to your liking. A page for other people to send you transfers up to 200 GB with WeTransfer Pro or transfers with no file size limit with WeTransfer Premium. A place that you can control. Let's take a little tour, shall we?

    The URL for your own WeTransfer page When signing up for a WeTransfer subscription, you will need to claim your very own subdomain. This gives you a personal page within the WeTransfer ecosystem where you can send your friends or clients to download transfers you have sent them. Just make sure you're logged into your WeTransfer account first, to be sure that you're sending them the correct link! When you send your friends or clients to your page URL, transfers they upload to you will be available for four weeks instead of the seven days the free service offers. Lots of time to download them!

    Your WeTransfer page is a public URL, designed to be shared and distributed to as many people as possible. Anyone who visits your WeTransfer page can see your verified email address. Your email address will be shown on the page so people can trust that their files will be sent to you. This doesn't mean others have access to your uploads or other personal details concerning your Pro account, and it doesn't mean that Google or other search engines can index your website, so nobody is going to be able to search for your page.

    Branding Now, to brand your page there's the option to upload up to five backgrounds of choice. If you'd like to know how, check out how to set up backgrounds. While we're on the subject, there's also the option of adding an email background and an avatar to further spruce things up a bit.

    Further information If you'd like to get more of an insight into what you can do with WeTransfer Pro, feel free to explore the rest of our WeTransfer Pro and Premium help articles, or get in touch with our super-friendly Support team here.

  • How do I claim my custom WeTransfer URL?

    Claiming your WeTransfer URL  If you've signed up to WeTransfer to allow your friends, colleagues, and clients to send you transfers larger than 2GB via your very own WeTransfer page, the first thing you're going to want to do is set up your own WeTransfer URL.

    When you sign up for a WeTransfer subscription, you can claim your very own subdomain (which is your very own WeTransfer URL). This URL for your WeTransfer page will be the key to allowing others to send you larger than 2GB transfers.

    If you're signing up for the first time, you'll be asked to set your own WeTransfer URL, as shown here:

    If you missed the chance to set your own WeTransfer URL when you first signed up, you can head over to the Branding settings and claim one there, as shown here:

    Changing your WeTransfer URL We do say that you can only claim your WeTransfer URL once, which is true - but if you've made a mistake (and people do make mistakes, after all) our wonderful Support team can help you change it. Just submit a ticket and let us know what you'd like your new URL to be. 

    Bear in mind though, someone else might have claimed the URL before you, so don't be too disheartened if your new URL has been taken.

    You could test this out by looking up the URL you would like by entering in your address bar. If you reach someone else's WeTransfer page then sorry, but the URL is already taken!

  • How do I set up a background for my emails?

    Setting up your email background You can add an extra level of customization to your transfers by adding an eye-catching email background. 

    Once you've done this, every transfer you send will use this background, and if you've uploaded an avatar to your WeTransfer Pro or WeTransfer Premium account, it will be shown in your emails in tandem with your chosen background. 

    To set up your email background, go to the Branding page in your WeTransfer Pro or WeTransfer Premium account. 

    Once there, scroll down to the 'Customize your emails' section and choose 'Upload background'. Select your image (remember to keep it to the requirements you're seeing in your account!) and then click 'Save changes'.

    That's it! 

    The appearance of your account will vary according to your subscription plan

    Troubleshooting your email background We have had reports of our emails not loading or rendering properly in several email clients. Most of the issues are your email client's security features blocking certain elements of our emails from loading, but we have confirmed a few incompatibilities, especially when it comes to our email backgrounds. We've collected the most common incompatibilities here:

    • The background image does not display in some versions of Outlook.

    • The background image is appearing in a tiled pattern, repeating the same image next to itself.

    • Problems with the header section of the email not appearing with Outlook 2010.

    • Outlook 2016 scrambles up the layout at times.

    • Lotus Notes has several issues with the new email template.

    • Airmail (at least older versions) is tiling the background

    • The email background appearing pixelated (usually on high-res screens)

    If you notice any other issues, can you please contact us by submitting a ticket below. Please be sure to detail your issue and let us know what email client you are using. It's good to note that even if you do not see the layout of your emails for any of the above reasons, this does not necessarily mean your recipients won't! 

    Reach out to us here if you'd like to contact our Support team.

  • How do other people send me transfers over 2GB?

    So; you've just signed up for a WeTransfer subscription, logged in, verified your account, claimed your WeTransfer page URL, uploaded a background (or two!) and eh... wait, hang on, now what?

    How does this thing actually work? How do my friends, clients, family members, colleagues (yes, even that colleague) send me transfers above the 2 GB limit the free service offers?

    Well, y'know the shiny new page URL you claimed? All you've got to do here is provide that link to the person that needs to send you a transfer, and they'll be able to transfer you, and only you, files up to 200 GB if you enjoy a Pro subscription or files with no size limit if you are using WeTransfer Premium.

    Anyone who visits your WeTransfer page can see your verified email address. Your email address will be shown on the page so people can trust that their files will be sent to you.

    Once they finish sending you the transfer, you'll be able to download it from your 'Received' panel, where it'll remain there for 28 days before expiring. If you want to keep your transfers alive for that little bit longer, you're more than welcome to re-upload them back into your account's storage, and then keep them online for as long as your heart desires.

    Of course, if you've got any questions about this, or anything else, feel free to reach out to our Support team here.

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