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File transfers made safe, secure & simple

From password protection to encryption, WeTransfer has all the built-in security features we hope you’ll never need.

Safety is built into our tools

Our features are designed to minimize how much of your data we — or anyone else — can access, so you can keep what’s yours, yours.

Feature - Security - Identity

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication means that only you can access your account, on devices you trust.
Feature - Security - Safe

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted both in transit and when it’s stored, in the world’s safest data centers.
Feature - Security - Testing

Rigorous security testing

From vulnerability scanning to penetration testing, all risks are expertly mitigated.
Feature - Security - Bridges

Early threat detection

We collaborate with Microsoft and share threat intelligence to help keep our platform secure.
Feature - Security - Extra

Extra transfer security

Create a free account, verify your email address, and wave goodbye to 6-digit verification codes.
Feature - Security - Imposter

Keep imposters away

We use the latest email security protocols and ensure no one can impersonate our products.

We send and receive audio from team members, presenters, and DJs all day, every day, so it's super important to have a system we can all rely on.

Will Horrocks, Head of Special Projects, Worldwide FM
Your privacy

Your data belongs to you

We’re serious about your privacy rights, so it’s easier than ever for you to take control of the data that you store with WeTransfer.

Privacy Image
Safer transfers

Password protection

Upgrade and get another layer of security, with password protected transfers that no one –– not even WeTransfer –– can track.


WeTransfer is certified with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 framework.

This is an internationally recognised best practice information security standard and speaks to our commitment to secure our organisation, our products and our users' data.


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