Making a difference together

Five ways we balance people, planet and profit

Let’s talk about how we are conducting responsible business, and how you can too. Our 2022 Responsible Business Review is more than a report–it’s a conversation about how we are doing business better. 

We firmly believe that every company has a responsibility to the planet, their people and local community. So this year, the WeTransfer Responsible Business Review is both a way of sharing our progress so far, and a useful tool for companies who, like us, are seeking answers to the big questions we’re all facing right now. After all, we’re all in this together.

This year, instead of looking inward, we looked outward. Beyond just a comprehensive report covering everything we wanted to talk about, we zeroed in on five key stories, each related to a big business responsibility challenge.

When it comes to business responsibility, companies are facing common concerns— from climate change to managing shifting expectations around our working lifestyles.

Lina Ruiz, Director of Social Responsibility

As a certified B Corp, we are constantly working to improve our social and environmental impact, and this year, we are thrilled to report significant progress. For each of these milestones, we’ve created a toolkit, sharing our practices and knowledge so that other business leaders and practitioners can be inspired and find practical advice to adapt to their own journey.  In 2022, we...

1. Cut carbon from the cloud

We’re proud to say that this year, we cut our server emissions by a staggering 78%. In partnership with our cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), we took a hard look at how much carbon we were emitting–turns out our data servers were responsible for 92% of our carbon footprint in 2021. This prompted us to  make the switch over to more efficient processors and begin to actively look for ways to optimize our server user, to continue to reduce the environmental impact of our cloud storage. 

2. Improved work-life balance

After a need for improved work-life balance was identified, the Summer Fridays Pilot was born. Essentially, each Friday during the summer months was granted as a well-deserved day off for our team. The result of our first pilot? Compensation and work patterns during the rest of the week were not impacted, with 97% of people feeling equally or more productive. We saw a boost in employee wellbeing and perceived stress fell across the board.

3. Supported emerging artists

Creativity is in our DNA and as long-time supporters of the arts, we wanted to identify the most meaningful way to support the sector and in particular, underrepresented groups for who getting a foot in the door has become harder than ever. To give a leg-up to emerging artist, initiatives and grassroots organizations, we supplied €600,000 worth of specially tailored grant programs through the Supporting Act Foundation.

4. Protected people’s data

We understand how much trust is given to us in the form of people’s important art, work and personal memories. That’s why we underwent the rigorous process of becoming ISO 27001 certified. This is a globally recognized standard that further proves we are going above and beyond to keep our customers’ data safe and secure. 

5. Travelled responsibly 

The launch of a responsible business travel policy has helped us to make smarter, more responsible choices about how we travel. By paying more attention to where we travel and how we get there, we have reduced our travel emissions per person by 33% compared to our last normal travel year in 2019. Way to go!

In 2023 and beyond, we remain committed to balancing people, planet and profit. Keeping responsible business at the front of our minds in everything we do and continuing to make progress and be better. 

It’s our hope that this review is a source of inspiration for companies who share our ambitions and want to harnesses the power of business to make a positive impact. 

Think of it as part update, part talking point, part plan of action. Will it raise questions? Yes. Provoke discussions? Absolutely. Spark practical ideas?  We certainly hope so. We’re inviting everyone to get involved.  

So are you with us?

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