Better together

The Climate Emergency is everyone’s problem

For over a decade at WeTransfer, we’ve aspired to use business as a force for good. And, over the last few years we’ve been taking an even stronger position on sustainability. Last year, amazingly we reached two essential landmarks on this journey: achieving the climate neutral certification and becoming a B Corporation—one of the first global tech firms to do so. 

In addition we pledged to cut emissions by 30% over the next five years. But we’ve been asking difficult questions too, of ourselves, and of the tech sector as a whole—for instance, how can we drive down our emissions when our servers account for almost 83% of our energy use? And how can the cloud-based sector ensure the accuracy of its figures and efficacy of its actions when firm data is so hard to come by?

However, these commitments, and these conversations, are only stepping stones towards our ultimate goal. Because net zero is simply a baseline. WeTransfer needs to become a climate positive company—one that actively removes carbon from the atmosphere. And we need to advocate for change across the tech sector. 

But we can’t do this alone. And that’s why we became a B corp.

B Lab—the non-profit organization that steers the B Corp program—seeks to build a regenerative and inclusive economy that works for all. 

Since we started using B Lab’s framework to measure our social and environmental impact, the B Impact Assessment, WeTransfer has collaborated on a diverse range of valuable projects. To take just a few examples:

  • We calculated our carbon footprint, using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and now know very clearly what we need to tackle.

  • Together with our partner SeaTrees, we planted 100,000 mangrove trees in Kenya and restored 67,000 square feet of kelp in California.

  • And we raised over $70,000 dollars for environmental charities with London’s Serpentine Gallery as part of their Back To Earth series.

The Climate Emergency is everyone’s problem. And, much as we hope that the current gathering of world leaders, policy makers and business leaders in Glasgow will provide answers, we know that we can’t just wait around. We have to be active participants.

So we’re supporting B Lab’s current it's (y)our job campaign to drive systems change across all sectors, arguing that businesses need to take tangible action on climate change, and accept this as a fundamental part of their job. 

And you can join us on this mission by spreading the word on how businesses can start making a difference. Because it’s (y)our job.

#ItsYourJob #COP26