Advertising Guidelines

This guide outlines what’s possible and what’s allowed on our wallpapers. Please read it carefully as we might not accept adverts that don’t meet these requirements! Our in-house wallpaper design studio is here to build you great-looking, effective adverts and help you get the most out of our platform. Please get in touch if you have any questions or need advice.

The types of advert we offer

HTML Static

A background image with logo and text - includes one impression tracker and one click-out


All HTML Static functionality, plus a responsive call-to-action and/or simple intro animation


All Dynamic functionality, plus a click-to-play or looping video, and two click-outs

Custom / Interactive

Built to your specific requirements

What your wallpaper should be

  • Flexible

    Your advert will be scaled and repositioned to fit the user’s browser window

  • Calm

    No sudden changes, flickering effects or intrusive visuals

  • Focussed

    Less is definitely more - use only 1 logo and keep text under 140 characters

What your wallpaper can’t be

  • We don’t allow ads that are sexual, political or religious in nature, or ads for tobacco, drugs or gambling
  • Leave prices, discounts, disclaimers out of your wallpaper
  • Wallpapers should not use/change the WeTransfer interface

What we need

Next steps

Useful info



Check to see how your wallpaper will look when it's resized

HTML5 API, Tester and Templates

Create a HTML5 wallpaper and see how it will look on WeTransfer