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Making time for creative possibilities with IWC Schaffhausen

To raise awareness of the contemporary IWC Top Gun collection, we engaged with our global audience of luxury enthusiasts to draw brand attention through innovative advertising.

To highlight and hero the four distinct campaign videos starring ambassador Tom Brady, our award-winning studio developed a custom interactive accordion that invited people to interact by expanding and exploring movable video sections. Resulting in a balanced and engaging creative solution that cinematically showcased each moment, the wallpaper generated over three hours of attentive time per 1000 impressions—on average, double that of a 30-second TV ad and 3x more than a YouTube non-skippable ad.

How we did


video play rate


video click rate


of attention per 1000 impressions

The brand

With a clear focus on technology and development, luxury watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has been producing timepieces of lasting value since 1868.

To complement the creative wallpaper, we ran a Lumen study in seven key markets. We saw a significant increase in positivity towards the brand due to lasting impressions delivered through our full-screen non-skippable format. The ad was not only successful in driving brand awareness, but in landing the story. We saw that 45% of the test group paid significant attention to the message of the campaign and recorded a 44% increase on ‘this brand stands out from competitors’.

The creative

Ran in 10 global markets, the visually appealing interactive accordion drove a high engagement rate. By featuring a prominent video play button, we optimized the wallpaper in a way that incentivized the audience toward engagement and video discovery.

Exceeding performance expectations, it garnered a 0.22% play rate over a 0.20% benchmark, and a click rate of 61% vs. our benchmarked 60%. The ad’s ability to capture and sustain attention shows that our audience chose to opt in for a memorable and creative experience—driving strong affinity for the brand.

The result
  • 13% increase on ‘this brand is high quality’

  • 26% increase on ‘this brand is desirable’

  • 44% increase on ‘this brand stands out from competitors’


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