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WeTransfer helps Spotify help artists

With so many new songs to stream, and new artists to discover, standing out in today’s fast-evolving musical landscape can be tricky. That’s where Spotify for Artists comes in.

We partnered with the brand to showcase its latest feature, Canvas—which gives artists a new and unique way to engage their listeners and stand out among the crowd.

How we did


more clicks than an average click-to-play (CTP) wallpaper


higher interaction rate than a standard interactive wallpaper


of WeTransfer’s 70 million monthly visitors engaged with the campaign

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The brand

Spotify for Artists is a service that helps artists and their teams succeed with their work. And with its latest feature, Canvas, artists can add custom looping visuals to any of their tracks—giving fans a new, more intimate way to experience their music.

With the new feature nailed, Spotify needed to reach out to its pool of creators and artists, encouraging them to engage with the new tool. So the streaming giant decided to go where millions of artists go to share and upload their tracks every month: WeTransfer.

The creative

Our in-house studio worked closely with Spotify for Artists to craft an interactive storytelling experience on, showcasing how artists can make the most of Canvas.

As visitors scroll through the page they hear how visionary artist Lous and The Yakuza collaborated with design studio BOLD and 3D artist Adrien Bavant to create hypnotic animations for her debut album Gore. The story is brought to life with audio snippets and sketches, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Canvas and its impressive capabilities.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with WeTransfer to celebrate Canvas. We were able to reach a cross section of artists and visual designers, making this partnership the perfect fit.”

Stephanie Alexis Smellie, Head of Marketplace Partnerships, Spotify
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The results
  • Thanks to engaging storytelling, complete with audio snippets and real-life sketches, the campaign received 10 times more clicks than an average video wallpaper on

  • People were 6 times more likely to interact with the Spotify campaign than with a standard interactive wallpaper

  • Almost 5% of all WeTransfer visitors stopped to engage with the campaign


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