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Taking a stand against plant-based censorship with Oatly

In October 2020, the European Parliament voted in favor of Amendment 171, which called for strict restrictions on the way plant-based companies describe and package their products.*

As a Certified B Corp, WeTransfer decided to team up with plant-based brand Oatly in their fight against the amendment and powerful political interests. *Source: Stop Plant Based Censorship

How we did


visitors interactive with our creative


signed the petition

1 in 5

reloaded the creative

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The brand

According to the milk lobby, people are easily duped into buying dairy alternatives at the grocery store. One of those alternatives comes courtesy of Oatly, a leading plant-based food brand who many know and love for their delicious oat drink. We wanted to help Oatly show that people aren’t milk-blind––that we can in fact tell the difference between milk from cows and ‘milk’ from plants without the need for warning labels or censorship.

The creative

Taking inspiration from one of the most infuriating inventions of the internet, we created a one of a kind CAPTCHA to raise awareness of plant-based dairy censorship and Amendment 171. It was a subtle, yet impactful way of communicating Oatly’s belief––that the milk lobby did not think consumers could tell the difference between milk and a plant-based alternative. Using our high-impact 100% share of page digital real estate, we delivered real-world results for our client.

“We were the client in this project, but it didn’t feel like it. We co-created closely with the WeTransfer team, bouncing details back and forth until we all felt, ‘Tada. This is it.”

Martin Ringqvist, Executive Creative Director, Oatly
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The results
  • During this campaign’s month-long run:

  • Over 500,000 visitors interacted with the Captcha on WeTransfer alone.

  • 1 in 5 restarted the Captcha to see if they could complete it again.

  • 450,000 signed the petition.

  • Best of all? After months of activism from consumers and plant-based companies, the EU withdrew Amendment 171. Just goes to show that you can CAPTCHA attention with a compelling message and a bit of humor.


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