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WeTransfer needs to be safe and secure. Simple.

Doing what it takes to solve a larger problem

WeTransfer needs to be safe and secure. Simple.

WeTransfer was founded on the principle of people first, creativity second, and technology third. We have always prioritized keeping you in your flow. Need to send big files? All you had to do was add your files, the email address of the person you wanted to send them to, and pop in your email address so we could let you know when your files had been downloaded. Millions of people appreciated this simplicity, and we have worked hard over the past ten years to stay true to this principle.

However, simplicity can sometimes be abused. Phishing scams, impersonation, and offensive hacking attacks have become increasingly commonplace. Every digital platform has had to respond to this reality, and it finally came to a point where WeTransfer’s simplicity was no longer putting people first. The scales tipped. The benefits no longer outweighed the risks of abuse.

Because putting people first means being a responsible tech company. It means that we value your safety and security over sheer profits or popularity. That’s why we’ve been rolling out a series of new features to improve your security on our platform.

Email verification

We now verify every email address that’s used to do things on WeTransfer. We also verify the email addresses of all WeTransfer accounts. This has been one of our most requested features over the past few months.

With email verification in place across WeTransfer, you can trust that every transfer has really been sent from the email address it says it’s from. (If you really don’t want to verify your email address, you can still use WeTransfer to upload files and get a download link. You’ll just have to share that link yourself, which is the whole point—you can’t use WeTransfer to pretend to be someone else.)

WeTransfer accounts

Yeah, verification codes aren't fun. That’s why we’ve introduced WeTransfer accounts. It’s absolutely free to sign up. You verify your email address when you create your account, and then you’re done. With an account, you’ll be able to keep track of all your transfers before they expire, add contacts so you can transfer with a click, and send transfers to 10 people (instead of just 3). And no more verification codes, ever.

Two-factor authentication

Whether you have a new account or have been using WeTransfer Pro for years, you can now turn on two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Any time you log in, we’ll ask for a code that will be generated by an app on your phone. This makes it extremely hard for hackers to gain access to your account.

These are the latest security updates that immediately impact you. However, we’ve always worked hard to keep your data safe and secure. Some of our ongoing behind-the-scenes initiatives include traffic encryption, file storage in some of the world’s safest Amazon Web Services data centers, sophisticated abuse and anomaly detection systems, a responsible disclosure program, and security teams that work diligently to make our products and services a little bit safer every day.

We are as committed as we’ve ever been to designing beautifully obvious solutions that keep you in your flow—and as safe as possible.

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