• Breaking the climate-neutral barrier

    Our first milestone on our sustainability journey

  • Employee Tales of Creativity: Heather and Scott

    More than three years into our hybrid way of working, we caught up with some of our colleagues at home to hear how it’s working for them – inside and outside of work.

  • Employee Tales of Creativity: Hari and Emily

    More than three years into our hybrid way of working, we caught up with some of our colleagues at home to hear how it’s working for them – inside and outside of work.

  • Employee Tales of Creativity: Alessio and Ciara

    More than three years into our hybrid way of working, we caught up with some of our colleagues at home to hear how it’s working for them – inside and outside of work.

  • Employee Tales of Creativity: Sierra

    More than three years into our hybrid way of working, we caught up with some of our colleagues at home to hear how it’s working for them – inside and outside of work.

  • Making a difference together

    Five ways we balance people, planet and profit

  • Season 1 roundup - Influence Podcast

    From discussing whether sex still sells to exploring the early days of internet advertising, you can check out all the episodes with Damian from season 1

  • B-eing better is no longer optional

    As we publish our second Responsible Business Report, we look at what we have accomplished so far and where we are heading, so we can keep striving to make an even bigger impact

  • Season 2 roundup - Influence Podcast

    During this season we explore the complexity of being black in America, non verbal communication, plus more

  • Go big or go home Why we upped transfers to 200 GB for creative pros

    The creative industry is turning to animated content and high-resolution video to reach more people. Which means you’re gonna need to send some large files. We got you.

  • Studio Lab 2022: Snapping back at unconscious bias

    Take a conscious trip into awareness with Snap Who. A psychedelic, mind-expanding experience from WeTransfer’s creative studio.

  • Our security standard

    WeTransfer achieved ISO 27001 certification

  • Everyone’s Business: Shaping a More Responsible Advertising Future

    As the industry moves forward in its effort towards responsible advertising, let’s discuss what it is, what we’ve been doing so far, and what we can continue doing together.

  • Putting magic in onboarding

    A behind the scenes look at Paste's Magic Brander

  • How WeTransfer runs on Paste®

    200 people, 3 offices, one shared space for our ideas

  • Taking creativity remote with Paste® 2.0

    In a changed world, here’s how Paste is meeting the needs of remote teams

  • Prams, Stats and Paste

    How Bugaboo’s head of consumer experience keeps colleagues and stakeholders inspired with Paste

  • Talking Shop How Shopify sells big ideas with Paste

    Paste invites the Shopify marketing design team to throw ideas in, knowing that no slide is too precious

  • WeTransfer x Special Arts Championing creativity

    Giving creatives a voice

  • Paper’s fluid, physical interface adds a new way to work with images

    Unlocking the power of Paper

  • Equal play: How Hopscotch uses Paste

    Hopscotch is making learning how to code fun for all kids. Here’s how Paste keeps the team and their ideas moving

  • Welcoming Paper and Paste to the WeTransfer Family

    Paper and Paste will become part of the WeTransfer set of beautifully obvious tools

  • Collect by WeTransfer: One app to save everything

    Why we’re renaming the product Collect by WeTransfer

  • Great ideas deserve to look good

    Grab your showreel. Video wallpapers are here to change the way you send and receive big files

  • Share your big ideas like a pro

    We’re making changes to WeTransfer Plus helping you do your best work yet

  • Insta-Worthy: how to serve 18 million fans on Instagram

    How Tastemade uses Paste to manage and align their massive social media workflow

  • Ideas Report 2019

    Ideas Report creator Rob Alderson digs into this year's findings, and suggests a rethink when it comes to a simple good-bad binary

  • How to get (& keep) 100 people on the same page

    With 100 employees and growing, learn how GitPrime uses Paste to keep teammates and stakeholders aligned and up to speed

  • Talk to the Moon: one giant leap for WeTransfer

    The story of Talk to the Moon: a wonderfully strange AI experience, brought to life on WeTransfer

  • Move fast & make things: How Grovemade uses Paste

    Grovemade makes beautiful, innovative items for the home and workspace. Here’s how they stay committed to delivering quality products while moving at ambitious speed.

  • Welcome to WeTransfer. Please leave

    People are burnt out. Creative work has suffered. And that has to change.This is our response. A campaign to highlight and encourage people to use our intuitive tools and then get back to what’s important in their lives

  • Building a mindset for big ideas

    Freeing your mind from distractions is often key to unlocking creativity

  • Season 4 roundup - Influence Podcast

    During this season we talk to UK-based fashion designer Harris Reed and Oscar-winning actor, writer, producer and musician Riz Ahmed, plus more

  • Season 3 roundup - Influence Podcast

    Throughout this season Damian chats to Ben & Jerry's co-founder Jerry Greenfield and explores what happened behind closed doors at Cambridge Analytica, plus much more

  • Better together

    The Climate Emergency is everyone’s problem

  • Once upon a time...Wait, this isn’t that kind of story

    WeTransfer’s founding story

  • We didn’t know we’d arrive at this point, but we’re glad we did

    WeTransfer believes in trust. But shouldn’t all companies?

  • The Trust Manifesto by Damian Bradfield

    If you could reinvent the internet now, what would it look like?

  • Responsibility, Reimagined.

    Taking a wider lens with Influence Season 3

  • Designing Ads for All

    WeTransfer Advertising is committed to accessibility. Here’s why.

  • From the B-eginning: The road to responsible tech

    The journey from where we are to where we want to be

  • WeTransfer needs to be safe and secure. Simple.

    Doing what it takes to solve a larger problem

  • Creating an environment for engineers to thrive

    Why an engineering career framework is key for growth

  • Gail Gallie on why businesses need to have empathy at their core

    How the lack of empathy contributes to the destruction of our planet

  • Nelly Ben Hayoun and Arjun Appadurai on counter culture & education

    Supporting pluralistic thinking with the University of the Underground

  • Gilles Peterson on why music has never been more important

    How to keep creativity in radio alive

  • Debbie Millman speaks to WeTransfer’s CIO Georg Petschnigg

    Creativity is not a monolith, but a federation

  • Decks, but make it fashion

    As a product manager at The Student Hotel, Simika Nayyar spends a lot of time making her presentations look good

  • Using WeTransfer Pro to challenge the status quo

    Despite calling Disney, Netflix, and Viacom clients, RAXO creative agency remains an underdog in a predominantly white industry

  • Being responsible starts with a B: How can we be better?

    Paving the way for responsible tech

  • Keeping up with the executive team

    How growing our team keeps us growing responsibly

  • Leading the way

    Our first responsible business report launches today

  • We’re going to need a smaller shoe

    How we’re planning to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Spreading positive vibes

    Purpose Disruptors, D&AD and WeTransfer partner up to reset the advertising industry

  • When sustainability is measurable, it's a game changer

    The SDG Lions Grand Prix winner as a force for transparency in the world of consumption

  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going

    Covid-19 has offered an unexpected opportunity for creatives to reset and innovate

  • Reinventing the Slide

    Paste was designed to help you focus on the narrative flow and adjust quickly as things change. But it took many tries to get it right, with many prototypes tossed along the way

  • Designing the 2020 Ideas Report

    To show the impact of a year of chaos on the creative mind, we had to think outside the box

  • Alva Skog has an idea

    You might notice some cheeky new artwork during your transfers by this Swedish artist. Here's how they came to life.

  • New WeTransfer tools to simplify the creative process

    Introducing portals and reviews to share client work and get feedback in one place

  • WePresent no.4: it’s so nice, we made it thrice

    Why we went meta and made a magazine about making magazines

  • Indigenous knowledge is crucial to the future of humanity

    The O futuro é indígena (the Future is Indigenous) project serves to remind people about the critical importance of indigenous communities across Brazil

  • Why we’re giving everyone at WeTransfer Fridays off over the summer

    Introducing WeTransfer Time Off: summer edition, with every full Friday during July and August granted as a day off, without changing our work patterns Monday to Thursday or adjusting compensation and benefits

  • More voices = better ideas

    Our mission to bring more diverse voices to the table (and make sure they’re heard)

  • From Idea to Idea App in 3 Days Flat

    Hacking together an idea at the WeTransfer Hackathon

  • Follow the Leader How BuzzFeed’s CTO leads with Paste

    As a seasoned executive, Peter Wang uses Paste to unify teams and stakeholders across a vast organization

  • How Paste is changing the game for remote teams like Plenty

    As more teams transition to remote work, companies use Paste to keep global offices in sync and projects moving

  • The best we can do, for now

    WeTransfer doubles down on support for creatives in lockdown

  • Let's Dig

    TLDR: We are going to save the world by planting trees

  • Striving to create change beyond this moment

    Black Lives Matter. Today and every day.

  • Giving back to the open-source community

    How the engineers at WeTransfer came together to support the open-source community

  • Writing on the Wall How Paste reimagined the slide deck for collaboration

    Writing on the Wall How Paste reimagined the slide deck for collaboration

  • Making it work from home

    WeTransfer guidelines for working from home during the coronavirus crisis

  • Better Business: what 2021 taught us

    WeTransfer has been doing good for over a decade and a B Corp for more than a year now and here’s what we’ve learned along the way

  • Can we talk about mental health?

    It’s time to get real about mental health at work

  • We’re launching our next act

    Supporting the next generation of creatives

  • Meet Holley M. Kholi-Murchison, Our New Creative Researcher-in-Residence

    The social practice artist sheds light on how our first creative residency came to life

  • You can dance for inspiration

    WeTransfer gets into the groove with Radio Radio and Carista for the launch of their new Amsterdam-based radio station.

  • Building WeTransfer for the way we work now

    Meet portals and reviews, now in beta, to help creative pros and clients streamline feedback all in one place

  • Behind the B: celebrating B Corp month

    In honor of B Lab’s B Corp month we’re inviting you Behind the B (and, er, the We) to find out what keeps us motivated to be a better, more sustainable business - spoiler alert, it’s you.

  • Behind the B: Storytelling with WePresent

    WePresent features unexpected stories about creativity from all over the world. Here’s how we ensure we’re being as representative, supportive and authentic as possible

  • A glint of gold: A tribute to the Golden Record in its 40th year

    I was in Istanbul, standing at the foot of the Hagia Sophia. It was so much bigger than it looked in pictures, and it dripped with generations of culture that had passed through it

  • Great storytelling is an interplay between words and visuals

    WePresent’s approach to commissioning illustrators

  • The creative careers lie and why WeTransfer is trying to help

    Forging a career in the creative industry can be challenging and unpredictable at times

  • Turn “I Can’t Draw” into “Let Me Try”

    Introducing the Paper Store, a collection of creative prompts, workbooks, tutorials and challenges

  • Apple's SwiftUI

    How Collect experienced integrating this new technology

  • Medical debt is a massive problem, let’s do something about it

    What if we could forgive all of the City of LA’s 35 million in available medical debt?

  • It’s cool to B Corp: We’re officially a B Corp

    We’re proud to announce that WeTransfer is an officially certified B Corporation