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“Move it like a Pro” campaign highlights simple tools that help creators

A behind the scenes look into WeTransfer's latest brand campaign

Michael FitzsimmonsVP Brand and Product MarketingApril 17, 2024

WeTransfer is a company built by creatives, for creatives. We come to work every day championing creativity in all its forms. Our latest marketing campaign, “Move it like a Pro”,  is no different. It reflects our commitment to providing creators with beautifully simple tools that help move ideas forward. Yes, you can send really big files safely and securely as always, but you can also collaborate with clients and your teams, sell your work directly on the platform, all while making sure your brand is reflected in the experience. 

Not only does the work demonstrate all the ways our product helps our community move ideas, the campaign challenges the traditional definition of what it means to be a ‘professional’. We wanted to communicate the experience of being a creative pro in 2024 by celebrating the highs, commiserating the lows and laughing at the weird bits in between. 

To us, being ‘pro’ is a mindset. It’s entirely subjective. In fact, as our in-house creative team who worked on the campaign said lovingly, creative professionals are some of the least  “professional” professionals. And that’s the beauty of it – if you’re a seasoned director, new photographer, or veteran creative director, using WeTransfer will make you a better creative whether you feel professional or not. 

This campaign was brought to life as a result of true collaboration between internal teams at WeTransfer. The work features incredibly talented members of the WeTransfer community, who gave us a glimpse into their world as creative pros. We had the pleasure of working with film director, Quinn Wilson; professional photographer and director, Joshua Kissi; designer, art director, illustrator, Jessica Walsh. Even at the top of their crafts, the creative process is imperfect and messy, but beautiful. 

Creativity moves the world forward, and we are happy to play a role connecting the world with creativity. Move your ideas like a pro, whatever that looks like, with WeTransfer.


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