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From discussing whether sex still sells to exploring the early days of internet advertising, you can check out all the episodes with Damian from season 1

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Episode 1: Time to Face(book) the music
In a fascinating discussion with Nick Thompson, Editor-in-Chief at Wired, Damian unearths the alarming power of Facebook advertising – from its potential disrupt and disable Western democracy, to some surprising reasons to stay logged in.

Episode 2: Going global without getting lost in translation
Damian talks with Pelle Sjoenell, former Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at BBH, about the ins and outs of global advertising – what works, what doesn’t and why it’s so tricky to get it right.

Episode 3: Does sex still sell?
Featuring culture writer and radio host, Kate Hutchinson, this week’s episode looks at the rise and fall of sex in advertising and its ability to sell everything – from chocolate to jeans.

Episode 4:
The voice of the consumer
The best way to find out what consumers really want? Ask them. This week, journalist and author Liza Featherstone takes us through the history of focus groups, and how their decisions and influence continue to shape the world around us.

Episode 5:
Advertising, meet Internet
In a wide-ranging discussion about the early days of internet advertising and how it shaped our online experience today, Damian chats with Rick Boyce – a former media buyer and one of the creators of the first ever banner ad.

Episode 6: Ads that serve the public good
Damian talks about the creation and impact of ads that raise awareness about health, environmental, and other pressing issues with Gail Gallie, co-founder of Project Everyone, a non-profit that helps spread awareness for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Episode 7:
Advertising enters the home
Damian talks with Kari Shimmel, Chief Strategy Officer at Campbell-Ewald, about how the introduction of TV ads after World War II completely transformed consumer culture.

Episode 8: The birth of modern PR
In this episode, Damian explores how the godfather of modern PR, Edward Bernays, mastered the art of spin. From soap to cigarettes, Damian chats with author Larry Tye on how Bernays dramatically changed the way we live.

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