Share your big ideas like a pro

We’re making changes to WeTransfer Plus helping you do your best work yet

For the last ten years, WeTransfer has been enabling the effortless sharing of big ideas, freeing you up for the things that matter.

A big part of this is our premium offering, WeTransfer Plus. With bigger transfers, better file management and more storage, Plus takes care of the tricky bits of the creative process so you can focus on what’s important.

Over the years, we’ve been able to grow and improve Plus simply by asking the people who use it what they need. Not only does this help us develop new features, from video wallpapers to extra security hacks, it means we can get to know the people behind the screens. What they do, where their passion lies, what gets them out of bed in the morning, and what drives them to frustration.

"We know the struggle of balancing the creative process and client relationships..."

Melanie L Linehan, Product Marketer at WeTransfer

Looking at our Plus audience, we see a common type of user — freelance creatives and/or small businesses — and a common way of working — with clients. We know the struggle of balancing the creative process and client relationships (let’s just say there’s a reason big companies employ entire departments just to manage clients), so we want to make things as effortless and efficient as possible.

Beyond sending holiday pics to your Mom, WeTransfer Plus has to fit into people’s professional lives. Our research shows people embracing a more project-based way of working, where the receiving is just as important as the sending. Where there’s back and forth, and back again (and sometimes left, but then also right).

With that in mind, we want you to focus on your craft, not your inbox — so you can bring (even) bigger, better ideas to the table. Hell, so you can do your best work yet.

So it’s time we made some changes around here, starting with a name.

Enter, WeTransfer Pro.

(Ooh yeah.)

With a brand new name comes brand new features:

  • A terabyte of storage

    Sadly this isn’t the name of a recently discovered prehistoric predator, but (more excitingly?) it’s the name given to 1024GB. More storage means you can keep hold of more transfers for more time. Simply switch between your sent and received overviews to keep track of things like new versions and client edits.

  • A place for received transfers.

    No more trawling through your inbox — you can now find all files sent to you in one simple overview. Keep track of transfers, streamline client collaboration and clear things out as soon as you’re done.

  • Better link transfers.

    Creating a link to your transfer is the easiest way to share ideas with multiple people (and also send them to yourself). Now Pro users will be notified when their link is downloaded for the first time, so you can sit back, relax and eagerly await those edits.

  • More efficient downloads.

    Files sent by Pro users can be downloaded even faster, no matter how big they are. We’ve been working hard to speed up the time it takes for your uploaded files to be ready to download — going from one minute per gigabyte to roughly 100x faster.

WeTransfer Pro gives you the space you need to focus on the work that really matters. In the purgatory of shared workspaces and stakeholder sign-off, we want you to take back creative ownership — sharing your progress, not your process, and getting feedback when and how you want it.

Stay in control with the simplest way to share your biggest ideas and find out how WeTransfer Pro can work for you.