How Paste is changing the game for remote teams like Plenty

As more teams transition to remote work, companies use Paste to keep global offices in sync and projects moving

With offices and clients based across five continents, one could say that the team at Plenty never sleeps. The award-winning design and animation studio boasts over 40 in-house directors, producers and creative minds in Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Barcelona, who bring to life imaginative commercial videos for global giants like American Express, Volkswagen and HBO. But a distributed workforce across time zones presents challenges big and small. For Plenty, maintaining visibility to work-in-progress is crucial.

“Paste lets our teams see how projects are evolving and give feedback even when we’re not working at the same time,” Plenty executive producer Clara Etcheverry told us from the company’s Buenos Aires headquarters. While the team primarily uses Paste on desktop, “we all have the app downloaded on our phones. So wherever we are, we can check on the progress of our projects,” she says.

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“Paste makes it so easy to share files without losing quality. You can download an asset from Paste, edit it, put it back in the deck and it keeps the same quality.”

In less than a year, Paste has become integral to Plenty’s workflow. Each project has its own deck in which team members share feedback and work-in-progress, which often include visual references, animations, and large video files. Prior to discovering Paste, the team relied on custom-built servers to process visual assets to meet size limitations set by file sharing software. “We were using internal servers and trying to get them to work with Google Drive, but it wasn’t integrated,” Pedro Reales, live action producer at Plenty, explains. Clara adds, “With Paste, you can upload a video and they can be viewed right in the deck. Most of our projects are videos, so it’s a huge improvement to how we work.”

What’s more, Paste retains the resolution of both images and videos: “Paste makes it so easy to share files without losing quality,” says Pedro, who first introduced Paste to Plenty. “You can download an asset from Paste, edit it, put it back in the deck and it keeps the same quality.” 

Enabling Workflow with Paste Integrations

Paste’s integration with Slack is another feature that enables seamless collaboration across Plenty’s distributed crew. In Paste you can organize decks in Slack channels which correspond to groups of people, making it easy to share a deck with collaborators and stakeholders while keeping them in a secure channel.

Paste’s “Assign” feature also enables quick input: simply tag someone within the comments in Paste and it will prompt a notification in Slack. “You don’t have to let everybody know when you’ve uploaded a file –– Paste does it for you,” Clara says.

Work With Your Team No Matter Where You Work

As more businesses grow beyond physical locations, open international offices, and adapt to remote work, the ability to stay aligned remains critical to success. For Plenty, tools like Paste make the difference, helping expand the studio’s capabilities along with geographical reach. Earlier this year they opened a new strategy and creativity division called Plenty (More). The brand development and design of (More) happened entirely in Paste. 

“Paste helps us work with people all over the world,” says Pedro. “It changed the game for us.” And noting the climate of uncertainty spurred by the global pandemic, he added, “In these days of quarantine and working from home, we’re relying on Paste more than ever to keep track of projects as they evolve.”