Go big or go home Why we upped transfers to 200 GB for creative pros

The creative industry is turning to animated content and high-resolution video to reach more people. Which means you’re gonna need to send some large files. We got you.

You may have noticed we recently increased the file size limit to a colossal 200 GB for everyone with WeTransfer Pro. That’s ten times the previous transfer file size, roughly equivalent to 8000 RAW files, two hours of high-def 4K, or 200 hours of TikTok videos (no judgment here).

We asked friends in design, video, film, and animation who regularly send large files to tell us how the leap to 200 GB will influence the way they work, collaborate, and share files.

Save a hard drive. Send a file transfer.

“When your business is centered on design, customers expect your content to be high-quality, too,” says Ken Tomita of Grovemade, an innovative woodworking design company in Portland, Oregon. “But beautiful content means huge files.”

He tells us about Grovemade’s latest project: work-from-home makeovers immortalized with gorgeous visuals to show the impact of the company’s products on customers––design lovers and creative professionals who’ve had to transform clunky home setups into inspirational work environments. 

For a recent marketing video, Grovemade had 100 GB of high-resolution B-roll from their videographer. “Video files take up so much space and it’s hard to work remotely on it. So we had to ship a hard drive from Portland to our video editor in L.A.,” Ken explained. “The files were too big for Google Drive. We didn’t know what else to do. So awkward.

Media files are growing in complexity and size

“You get 238% more engagement when you have an animated piece,” says RAXO managing partner Marla González-Rivera. The award-winning creative agency and motion design studio count Disney, Netflix, and Amazon among their clients.

Whether in-person or online, videos and animated content add context, Marla explains, which helps brands accomplish more. More importantly, though, “content with movement makes you stop and look at it.” For in-store experiences, like Kiehl’s and Sephora, marketing design has quickly evolved from static images to branded environments that include large video files. “Through experience is how consumers make buying decisions now.”

….so sending large files mean less work

As demand for video and animated content increases and technology advances, high definition files are even bigger, creating the need to send large files in a way that’s quick and secure. For Oscar Rivera, RAXO Chief Creative Officer and a nine-time Emmy® Award winner, it’s a matter of optimizing his team’s creative output and streamlining the client experience. “When we work with clients like Disney, sometimes we have to compress the files just to show them previews and assets,” he tells us.

With video file sizes up to 200 GB, Oscar sees the potential to expand the scope and size of files that can be shared between clients and teams, thus helping them work better. “For sending files like previews and snippets, even sharing assets that are inside videos, 200 GB will be a better load to manage.” 

Furthermore, when sending a shared link, WeTransfer Pro lets you secure private files and confidential projects with the option to add password protection.

Effective teams need effective tools. Here’s how RAXO uses WeTransfer Pro every day.

Creative work is always evolving. (Your file sharing tools should keep up.)

Documentary and commercial film director Lacey Uhlemeyer sees the industry moving toward high-capacity cameras (“People want to shoot in 5K!”) and massive data files, creating a ripple effect on editing and file transfer software. For a recent pitch to a major TV network, her editor used WeTransfer Pro “exclusively” to send large files for review. Together they whittled hours of high-definition video files down to a four-minute, 4 GB teaser, which they sent to a major cable network with an easy download link.

“As a director I receive videos more often than I send them,” Lacey admits. “But WeTransfer makes it really seamless and easy to download your file.” Plus, she loves that WeTransfer Pro comes with 1 TB of cloud storage space for shared files she may need later. (Next time you file transfer, select Never expire if you want to keep your file accessible for longer, like forever.)

“That’s the thing with technology,” she muses. “You don’t always know what you need until you need it.”

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