Prams, Stats and Paste

How Bugaboo’s head of consumer experience keeps colleagues and stakeholders inspired with Paste

If the writers of Sex and the City never added a baby to the story, maybe Dutch design company Bugaboo would not have entered the American mainstream. But Miranda got a Bugaboo, and the rest is history. Now, nearly two decades after its cameo on prime time TV, their strollers are ubiquitous among design-minded and fashion-conscious parents in the US and beyond.

With headquarters in Amsterdam, Bugaboo serves customers around the world with primary markets in the US, UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany, and a growing presence in Asia and Russia. “We’re really a global company,” says Jordan Sykes, Head of Global Consumer Experience. 

Jordan leads a team of eight that oversees the user experience across 52 e-commerce sites in 14 languages, directly impacting millions of euros in revenue each year. And at a time when fewer customers are visiting physical stores and shopping in person, the company’s web presence has never been more important.

“With Paste, I can knock out a presentation in 20 minutes. With PowerPoint, it would take me an hour.”

Jordan Sykes, Head of Global Consumer Experience, Bugaboo

From metrics to analytics, updates circulate round-the-clock between teams. The constant flow of information makes it hard to keep people engaged. “Updates are very information-heavy. Lots of numbers and stats. It gets really boring,” Jordan confessed. “Paste lets me give everyone a nice, visual representation that makes information stand out, makes it digestible.” 

Once a month, he reports on his team’s projects and the impact they’ve had. Before Paste, he used PowerPoint. “For me, it’s much easier to use Paste and way more intuitive. I can drop in anything and don’t have to worry about it looking good, because it just looks good. I can knock out a presentation in 20 minutes. If I tried to do that in PowerPoint, it would take me an hour.”

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Jordan’s team collaborates closely with marketing agencies and says Paste makes their updates effortlessly visual, giving context to their work. While still packed with detail, his decks come alive with screenshots, graphs, campaign videos, and GIFs. “With Paste, I can screenshot the different features from our website and explain the ideas behind them. I’m able to embed the video that the agency made to promote our new product. Then I go into detail about the money they’ve made.”

The reaction thus far has been unanimously positive. (“After my first time using Paste, thirteen people came back to me saying ‘I loved your presentation. It was really engaging. What did you use for that?’”) Most importantly, Paste is helping Jordan and his team stay effective while working from home. “We had a big pitch to prepare for the CEO to get a lot more budget. There were three of us working on the deck at the same time," he explained.

The CEO loved the deck, which he shared with other stakeholders––and the team got the budget. "Paste obviously did the job," he says.