Share your work on your terms

Give your ideas the send off they deserve

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What's behind every idea?

You didn't come up with a big idea, a grand vision, just to shrink it down. Right? With WeTransfer Pro you can send up to 200 GB of files in one go. And with 1 TB of storage, why stop there? Share a ton of your work and control every detail of how it’s done—from how people receive your files to how long they stay online.

Track downloads

Know the minute your transfer is downloaded and the name behind every click. So you can breathe a sigh of relief (and they’ve got no excuse).

Edit transfers

Sent the wrong version? Forgot to include someone? (Asking for a friend, of course.) Delete and forward transfers in one simple overview.

Set limits

With Pro, you decide how long transfers are available. Give people four weeks to download your files or make sure they stick around forever—you’re in control.

Own your


You’ve dwelled on the details, agonized over hex codes, and lost sleep over kerning. So why should the way your files are received be any less than perfect? Make a lasting impression with a customizable web page, and branded emails to match.

Ready when
you are


your ideas

Your ideas are your most valuable asset, treat them that way. Protect your account with two-factor authentication and add an optional password to each transfer, for security that would make a Berlin nightclub bouncer sweat.

The power of three

Get Paste, Collect, and WeTransfer as part of the all-new WeTransfer Pro, and turn even the smallest idea into something worth sharing.

WeTransfer to send big files
Collect to save inspiration
Paste® to pitch and present