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When Party Land met portals

These viral marketing hotshots are doing things differently. See how Party Land is using our newest features to save time and help clients take creative risks that pay off big.

We met Party Land the same way anyone meets anyone these days. Online, obviously.

Cold email. Warm brains. (More on this in a bit.) “We’re big fans of WeTransfer,” they said, boosting our ego and melting our defenses. We took one look at their zombie-filled latest campaign, and knew the feeling was mutual.

Named Ad Age’s 2021 Small Agency of the Year, it’s hard not to love Party Land––a tight-knit crew whose irreverent approach to advertising keeps clients Liquid Death water, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Netflix and others top of mind with viral campaigns. In a marketing landscape plagued by attention fatigue, Party Land is managing to make people watch the whole thing. For Liquid Death, Party Land created a campaign with Netflix to promote the zombie film, Army of the Dead, which focused on creating buzz for both brands “without spending a ton,” explained Taylor Toomey, Party Land’s account supervisor and an industry vet.

The result? A 30-minute infomercial that aired on TV for the ‘No Brainer’—a headband that holds ice cold cans of Liquid Death to prevent brain-heat detection by the undead.

As experts in video and persuading clients to take creative risks, Party Land was an ideal partner to test run portals and reviews—new features in the WeTransfer universe to streamline the creative review process. They even had a project in mind: a full brand positioning and relaunch for Wholly Veggie, an up-and-coming, plant based CPG brand from Toronto.

“WeTransfer is so simple compared to other platforms, which take many more steps, like making you log in.”

Following their live shoot in New York City in November, Party Land created a portal for Wholly Veggie in WeTransfer and uploaded the rough cuts to a new review. For the first time, both parties had a single destination to share and view up-to-date work without forcing reviewers to clear hard drive space and download the latest video. “I used to get constant notifications that I was low on storage,” says Lexie Papilion, Party Land’s Director of Brand Relationships, when we asked how she stayed on top of version control. “I end up deleting old files to make space. It’s a massive pain.”

For teams like Party Land that work with a ton of video and motion assets, video previews remove the need to download huge files just to view them. Plus, the ability to comment means reviewers can leave notes right on the file. No more switching between email, messaging apps, and downloads to match feedback with the right asset. So whether you’re responding to a reaction (“The footage is amazing!”) or a direct request (“Let’s lock in a great end card treatment”), feedback is always delivered in context so nothing is lost in translation.

“We send everything from rough cuts to final files with WeTransfer,” Taylor tells us. “When we send files, you know whoever receives it can actually open it. So simple compared to other platforms, which take many more steps, like making you log in."

With portals and reviews, we’re eliminating the time-draining back and forth between creatives and clients during creative reviews. Plus, no set-up or sign in required for your clients, so they can see the work instead of guessing at passwords.

As Party Land prepares for their next big launch, Lexie reflects on reaching the finish line–and sending that last review. For creative work, she says, “WeTransfer isn’t just functional, It’s emotional.” Whether it’s a 30-minute infomercial or full-resolution videos, the high of sending a final cut is palpable. With our new features, creative studios can get more quickly to that feeling when a client signs off. Crazy idea approved.

“WeTransfer isn’t just functional, It’s emotional.”

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