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File sharing platform features

Give people simple tools, and they’ll do extraordinary things. Ultrafast file transfers, built-in customization, easier team collaboration. That’s the magic of WeTransfer.

Faster sharingHowever big your idea

Use WeTransfer to move creative assets, large files, whole folders and entire projects all at the touch of a button.

Your teamInnovating at superspeed

With tools designed to enhance collaboration, get everyone in your team talking and moving as one –– without disrupting their workflow.

Keep it secretShare with confidence

From password protection to file encryption, WeTransfer has all the built-in security features you need to safeguard your work.

Your safety

Own your spaceCreate a seamless experience

Make a lasting impression by customizing everything from your landing page to your emails –– let your creativity run wild.

FeedbackKeep your projects moving

Show off your work and get clearer feedback with client-friendly tools that keep everyone on the same page.

Start sharing your ideas

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