Taking creativity remote with Paste® 2.0

In a changed world, here’s how Paste is meeting the needs of remote teams

We’re living in a transformative moment. Investments that once went into real estate are shifting to digital estate. But while video meetings may replace the talk around the conference table, you still need four walls—a place to show your work, and see ideas together.

For a long time, we designed offices to enable flow, creativity, and collaboration. But now our workspaces are virtual, where you’re just as likely to collaborate with someone in the same room or in another time zone.

Architecture has a whole new meaning in the digital space. Software is architecture for the mind. Today, software is where our ideas meet.

Out of the need to make remote creativity work, we defined five principles for success—transparency, show over tell, a diversity of tools, balance, and trust. You can see these principles at play in Paste®.

Paste designs the slides for you, so you can focus on flow and telling your story. 

Paste makes it easy to drop in any kind of work you want to discuss. Integrations are key. Whether you’re working in Figma, Google Docs, or other tools, just drop the asset in.

Paste is made to be made together. It integrates with Slack and email, so you can delegate work, gather input from peers, and make decisions together––right in your decks.

We’ve prepared the space so that your conversations can be productive, whether you meet in person or virtually.

Meet Paste 2.0

Paste is now based on an all-new layout system. We call it Bento, a name inspired by the multi-compartment containers popular in Japan. Bento fulfills our promise of delivering beautiful slides in seconds by enabling sophisticated layouts that look just right.

Responsive sizing. Draw attention to what’s important. Simply drag the handle to resize text and media areas.

Multi-slide formatting. Design your decks faster. Change layout style, color, and device frame of multiple slides with one click.

Fit or fill media areas. Scale image and GIFs with one click. Add visual assets without cropping or make the most of available space.

Show more with columns. Create columns instantly with new Power Layout options, or add them manually. Drag and drop media between them and overlay text as you wish.

We like to wonder what the great headquarters for remote work will look like in the future. As with every office, it will come with its own culture. With Paste we want to make sure creativity for all is part of it.