You can dance for inspiration

WeTransfer gets into the groove with Radio Radio and Carista for the launch of their new Amsterdam-based radio station.

Music has always played a big role in the work and culture of WeTransfer, and later WePresent. From working with artists like Björk, Lykke Li, FKA Twigs and IDLES to assigning Tiffany Yu as Head of Music to oversee our commitment to showcase unexpected stories about artists. In 2016, Gilles Peterson was assigned as creative director to forge new music partnerships. 

Tiffany Yu (Head of Music, WeTransfer): “As you might (not) know, WeTransfer is a Dutch company with its roots and HQ in Amsterdam. Although I’m based in LA, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time there[Amsterdam]. In the challenging year that 2020 was, the Dutch electronic music community had to say goodbye to an important hub with the disappearance of Red Light Radio, a well-respected and well-known independent radio station.” 

Until that moment, Vincent Reinders (22tracks) and Vincent Lindeboom (Next Empire, later giving way for WWFM app) felt they shouldn’t aim to take up space on the local radio market, despite calling their club Radio Radio. Described as a warm homebase where local DJs, artists, labels, and music lovers come together to connect and share what they love, Radio Radio opened their doors in August 2018, quickly building a reputation for diverse and unexpectedly good programming.

Vincent Reinders (co-founder Radio Radio): “The name Radio Radio started a bit as a joke but I have been working in radio for half my life, so it did make sense. I’d never run a club or bar though, and neither did Vincent Lindeboom. We were deeply invested in digital, so from day one, we’ve been streaming lots of days and nights—especially during Amsterdam Dance Event and blurring the line between offline and online.

Now, with a closed bar and tons of unhappy DJ friends, it was clearer than ever that we needed to go all in on radio. Offer this outlet for the community and build a platform with radio shows and playlists focused on music discovery.” 

It might take months for dance floors to reopen but the stream can always go on.

— Vincent Reinders, co-founder Radio Radio

What’s in a name?

Hence why we were all ears when Vincent and Vincent (it is fairly confusing) approached us with the idea to live up to their name and actually launch a radio station. The music industry and nightlife scene is one amongst many that has been suffering through the pandemic. Artists are innovating around how they're getting heard and how to connect with fans while dance floors are closed. That feeling you get when you discover a great artist has been a mental health necessity for music lovers.

Enter RRFM; a new radio station nurturing Amsterdam's special club culture, where authentic stories in music, culture, art and activism are discussed not only on social media, but on Radio Radio’s RRFM radio programs. Who better to be named Head of Music of this Dutch music platform than Carista?

All hands on decks 

This year’s International Women’s day brings what WePresent, WeTransfer’s editorial platform, is known for—diversity and curation. We are so proud to be working with Radio Radio to recognize the day featuring a line-up entirely of talented (female) DJs and producers. Besides Carista, we've got Alberta Balsam, BEA1991, Mary Lake, and Shinedoe giving us the good vibes.

With Carista and Radio Radio, this opportunity gives way to shed light on great talent and maybe inspire change for the future of electronic music. Research by Beatport shows that in 2019, only 18% of females were booked at dance music festivals, and only 24% of bookings at dance music festivals were people of color. Using the time we have at home, we hope you’re dancing and getting excited about a different future of live events.

Support your locals 

Independent Radio has been a great source of discovering new and different music. We hope to reshape and change the imbalance of gender and ethnicity within music together with Carista and Radio Radio’s RRFM platform.