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How growing our team keeps us growing responsibly

We’ve come a long way since the file-sharing days of 2009. And when we look at our ambition to become the go-to set of creative tools, and to have over one million paying subscribers by 2023, it seems there’s no sign of us slowing down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But how can we make sure we’re growing fast and growing responsibly?

At WeTransfer we pride ourselves on being a responsible business—whether that’s through our recently awarded B Corp status, our commitment to carbon neutrality, or using our global platform to give a voice to those who need it most. But we also pride ourselves on our need to do better, to be better, and having the right people on our leadership teams keeps us in check.

As we continue to see increasing demand for our products, driven by a new era of remote work, these new additions will be instrumental in helping us reach our next stage of growth. I’m excited to have them on board as we expand the reach of our beloved set of tools that support the creative process.

So without further ado...

  • At WeTransfer we always talk about putting people first, online and offline. So adding Gwen Burbidge to the executive team as Chief HR Officer was a no-brainer. 

  • Our commitment to growing our subscription-based set of tools is clear, and with Alexandar Vassilev joining us as Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO) we can focus on bringing together all things product and engineering across our entire portfolio.

  • Next up is Natascha Chamuleau. Her addition as Chief Advertising Officer (CAO) reflects the on-going importance of our media business—a unique part of WeTransfer that allows us to offer the most amazing free service while still supporting the causes important to us.

  • As our business continues to grow in complexity, and with the series B leading to both a new investor and a structured supervisory board, it’s time for us to build out our “bench strength” in finance. Our newly-hired Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Melissa Nussbaum, will join the executive team and make sure our growth is not only healthy but responsible too.

Now you know their names, time to find out who they are, how they think, and–the best way to get to know someone–what they keep on their Collect boards.

Gwen Burbidge

Gwen joined WeTransfer as Head of HR in April 2019 after spending 5 years in the healthcare industry working across Europe and the Middle East. Her main goal is to build and maintain an organizational culture where people feel safe, secure and, at the same time, challenged to reach their full potential. She enjoys building connections across cultures, and always looks for opportunities to coach, inspire and encourage. 

It’s important for Gwen to work for a company with purpose, and it’s WeTransfer’s mission and values that inspired her to join the team. She also played a key role in helping the company achieve certified B Corp status. 

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Alexandar Vassilev 

As Chief Product and Technology Officer, Alex runs all things product and engineering, bringing both departments together across our entire portfolio. His goal is to accelerate growth across the business, while ensuring our technical teams attract and retain the very best talent.

Alex has over 15 years experience building products and scaling digital platforms. Most recently, he served as CEO of Joyn, a German streaming platform with a free and subscription offering, growing it from two to 250 employees in just two years. Before that, Alex worked for Google, where he played a key role in the growth of products such as Adwords for Video, YouTube, and Google Search, as well as helping with the development and monetization of new products and services. 

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Natascha Chamuleau

As Chief Advertising Officer, Natascha is responsible for establishing WeTransfer as the leading brand-building platform for the creative community. She leads an international team across Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, and London, targeting global markets and finding meaningful ways for brands to reach creative audiences.

Natascha is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, managing bias and shaping company culture, and regularly speaks on these topics. She played a key role at Facebook Dublin in the company’s initiatives to empower women in the workplace. She’s also worked with programs like TRC Media to boost board-level representation of women in the digital sector, and is passionate about inspiring and mentoring the women around her.

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Melissa Nussbaum

As Chief Financial Officer, Melissa calls the shots for the financial side of WeTransfer, guiding us through the ambitious growth trajectory we’ve set ourselves for the coming years. It’s her goal to maintain and improve our financial position, help the company think longer term, and continue to build expertise in the finance organization and across the supervisory board.

Melissa started her career at PwC in Montreal and Brussels, followed by six years in the Capital Markets Group working across Paris, Toronto and London. She went on to consult for King, a leading interactive mobile games company, preparing the business for an IPO as it launched Candy Crush Saga. After helping facilitate the sale of King to Activision Blizzard, she took on a leadership role in finance and a seat at the management table.

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These four additions join myself and Damian Bradfield, our Chief Creative Officer (CCO), to complete our executive team. Each brings their own wealth of knowledge and expertise, contributing to the sustainable growth of our business and driving the next era of digital tools for the creative industries. 

And with our executive team in top shape WeTransfer can focus on what it does best, making creativity easier–for everyone. 

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