Great ideas deserve to look good

Grab your showreel. Video wallpapers are here to change the way you send and receive big files.

Great ideas deserve to look good

Before WeTransfer there were big files and a place they needed to be. Ideas that needed to be sent from A to B, without the fuss of signing up, passing on your data or jumping through any hoops.

So was born. A simple transfer window on a simple webpage for, well, simple file-sharing.

But behind our little transfer window we saw a glaring blank canvas. A canvas of opportunity, desperate to be filled with visuals, with delight, to make transferring, well, less dull.

Enter, wallpapers.

Wallpapers are what we call the huge, beautiful full-bleed images that rotate as your transfer is being uploaded or downloaded.

30% of these wallpapers we give away to artists, creatives and causes we want to support. When we decided to sell the rest to big brands as part of our unique approach to advertising, people thought we were mad — now those ads count for more than half of our revenue.

“To most people, WeTransfer is nearly invisible. We’re just the transfer box. The background belongs to someone else, but it accounts for 95% of what people recognize as the brand.” — Damian Bradfield, President and CMO of WeTransfer

When we established our premium service, WeTransfer Plus, we knew custom wallpapers were something we wanted to offer. Not just to remove advertising, but to give people a chance to make their Plus page their own.

People care about their files — whether they’re sharing holiday snaps with their grandchildren or delivering the 176th cut of — so it makes sense the way they’re delivered is just as considered.

And our Plus users haven’t disappointed. From logos, branding and showcasing projects, to hilarious pet pictures and memes, people certainly get creative with the wallpapers they add — creating a completely custom experience for the people who download their files.

But what people were missing were videos. A large portion of our users are videographers looking for a way to showcase their work in its original form.

So we figured it was about time we did something about it.

The result? Video wallpapers.

Video wallpaper using the WeTransfer film ‘Breaking the Circle’ by Tobias Nathan.

  • Having a background that moves, whether it’s a subtle cinemagraph or an intricate animation, catches the eye. It grabs attention without being intrusive — the simple WeTransfer interface guides users to hit ‘Download’ while beautifully-crafted video backgrounds bring a moment of delight that’s hard (if not impossible) to miss. And if these videos are a showcase of recent projects or work, it’s a great way to show off your talent.

  • Using your Plus page to put yourself or your brand front and center means less time on the ‘business’ of being creative. You know, updating your portfolio, pitching to clients, networking. So you can spend more time creating, more time out in the world, where your best ideas come from.

  • But, most importantly, we listened to what people wanted. There was a real demand from users but it was also something that came up when I got together with friends who are videographers. Put simply, it was an obvious choice for us. WeTransfer has always been about sparking inspiration and moving ideas, about creating products that know you have better things to do. Video wallpapers are another way we help with the behind-the-scenes of being creative, so you can get out there and do your thing.

Want to find out more about what WeTransfer Plus can do for you? Have a look here. Already got Plus and ready to add your own video wallpaper? Let’s go.