Employee Tales of Creativity: Sierra

More than three years into our hybrid way of working, we caught up with some of our colleagues at home to hear how it’s working for them – inside and outside of work.

The pandemic brought sweeping changes to our lives, but two things remain constant: WeTransfer's culture values togetherness, and our environments shape our creative culture. Over the past three years, we've learned that connection can happen anywhere, not just in the office. We've adapted to hybrid work and have found that our colleagues thrive in spaces that make them feel good – whether that's working from the office, from home, working from the garden–darn it, or working from the bathtub if that’s what floats your boat.

We’re so proud of the way we work that we asked a few of our colleagues if they’d let us into their lovely homes to capture the spaces and places they inhabit on a daily basis. They all tidied their desks for us too, which was nice of them.

Photography by Tiph at Nerdscarf

Sierra Winrow, New York

From her studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Sierra has immediate access to one of the busiest places on the face of the planet. As a Senior Social Media strategist, this allows her to constantly have her finger on the pulse of the city, and be first in line for everything NYC’s creative scene has to offer.

Tell me about your routine, has that changed since you joined WeTransfer? Do you have a work from home ritual?

"Since I have a studio apartment, it is so important for me to have a work-life balance. Being able to not touch my desk when I'm not working is a huge part of that. So I'll have, you know, my bed, my couch, my kitchen area, and then, during working hours, I sit at my desk which puts me in that mindset: it’s where I need to be to focus.

I have a dog (her name is Honey, dear reader), she's a pretty high maintenance dog and in a definite routine. So she is also very excited that I'm there. I feel like if I were in the office full-time, I would not have as much time to dedicate towards her. That’s very important to me."

Being in New York, you spend so much of your time commuting. I think I would spend about two hours a day dealing with the busy subway and walking through the city with all this extra stimulation, even before getting into the office.

Sierra Winrow, Senior Social Media Strategist

Has hybrid working helped you dedicate more free time to the things that make you feel creative or relaxed outside of work?

"I'm a hobbyist. It's really bad! I read tarot, I've been doing that for about three years now.  It was a pandemic hobby but I picked it up. It's something that I've enjoyed learning about and people kind of know me for it at this point. I also do powerlifting, and I’m a huge reader and art fan.

That's one of the benefits of living here in New York. I spend a lot of time going to museums and exhibitions, and because I have the time to step away from work and I'm not commuting all the time, I have more energy to be able to leave my house and, you know, actually go and attend events and things like that. So it's giving me just a lot more time, and that’s the biggest difference hybrid work has made for me."

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