WeTransfer’s Supporting Act Foundation announces recipients of its inaugural grants

Grants and bursaries worth a total of €600,000 are being donated by The Supporting Act Foundation to 26 emerging artists, artist-led initiatives, and grassroots arts organizations

  • Grants and bursaries worth a total of €600,000 are being donated by The Supporting Act Foundation to 26 emerging artists, artist-led initiatives, and grassroots arts organizations

  • Founded by WeTransfer in 2021, The Supporting Act Foundation is dedicated to fostering a diverse creative landscape and providing opportunities for marginalized groups in the arts

  • WeTransfer is a certified B Corporation, and has a longstanding commitment to using its platform for good, donating 30% of advertising space to support artists and causes


AMSTERDAM - 16 December 2022 - The Supporting Act Foundation, launched by WeTransfer in 2021 as an independent charity, announces the recipients of its inaugural grants, worth a total of €600,000. 

Ten art students, ten artist-led initiatives, and six grassroots arts organizations will be receiving funding over the next year, giving them vital support when they need it most. This extensive financial support will enable them to pursue their practices and careers, to expand the reach and impact of their projects, and to build better futures for under-represented communities in the arts.

 Each of the three specially tailored programs—Creative Bursaries, Community Grants, and Impact Grants—was launched in September with an open call for applications, all of which were evaluated by three independent juries according to inclusive criteria. The final selection of these twenty-six grantees reflects The Supporting Act Foundation’s confidence in the potential of these individuals, initiatives, and organizations to create meaningful impact in their diverse spheres. Together, their dedication to pursuing systemic justice in the arts and beyond reflects the Foundation’s own commitment to promoting a diverse, open, and equitable creative landscape.

 The grants awarded include: 

  • Creative Bursaries (€10,000 each) for ten art students from marginalized backgrounds working at the intersection of arts and technology  

  • Community Grants (€20,000 each) for ten artist-led initiatives creating networks for emerging artists, particularly those from underrepresented communities

  • Impact Grants (€50,000 each) for six grassroots arts organizations focusing on social, intersectional, or environmental justice 

As a certified B Corporation, WeTransfer believes in the power of business to be a force for good, and The Supporting Act Foundation is an important  milestone in WeTransfer’s ongoing quest to give back to the global creative community. WeTransfer has endowed the Foundation with an initial €1 million, and will pledge 1% of revenue each year.

About The Supporting Act Foundation

The Supporting Act Foundation is an independent non-profit organization which provides grants and bursaries to artists at the beginning of their careers, with a particular focus on marginalized groups and community-centered initiatives. The foundation is privately funded by WeTransfer.


About WeTransfer

WeTransfer streamlines the workflow process for millions of creative professionals. Its suite of creative productivity tools make it easy to collaborate, share and deliver work. WeTransfer has more than 80 million monthly active users in 190 countries. As a certified B Corporation™, WeTransfer has long been a champion of using business as a force for good. Since its founding in 2009, WeTransfer has donated up to 30% of its advertising real estate to raise awareness for artists, creative work, and the world’s most pressing issues.