Influence podcast with Damian Bradfield returns for a fourth season

Riz Ahmed, Harris Reed, Russell Tovey and Dame Stephanie Shirley among the influential line-up of guests for the latest season

AMSTERDAM 13 SEPTEMBER, 2022 - Influence, the podcast hosted by WeTransfer Co-Founder turned Chief Creative and Sustainability Officer, Damian Bradfield, is returning for a fourth season today with a new line-up of high profile guests at the intersection of arts and technology.

Influence is a weekly interview with some of the most influential figures in the creative industries. The show explores the importance and impact of influence, asking who has it, who wants it, and how to use it for good. Each episode, Damian hosts a leading creative voice to ask important questions about how they’ve got to where they are, and lessons they’ve learnt about wielding influence for social good. 

The latest season of Influence kicked off earlier this year with a special interview with British actor and musician, Riz Ahmed, following his success with Academy Award-winning short film, The Long Goodbye, commissioned by WeTransfer. The series will resume this month with six more interviews with creative heavyweights. These include:

  • Fashion designer, Harris Reed, about how his bold gender-fluid designs are expanding the possibilities for who can wear what;

  • Actor, Russell Tovey, on how his love for art led to the launch of his contemporary art book and podcast, Talk Art;

  • Renowned architect, Thomas Heartherwick, about collaboration, creativity, and making spaces last;

  • Award-winning illustrator, Wendy MacNaughton, on the power of using art to create policy and social change;

  • German-British IT entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dame Stephanie Shirley, on creating an entirely new kind of business for women with household and caretaking responsibilities;

  • Record producer, Richard Russell, about what makes good music and how he built his different kind of label, XL Recordings.

The season will resume on 13 September 2022 with Damian’s Harris Reed interview and will be available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Acast. 

About Damian Bradfield

Damian Bradfield is the Co-Founder turned Chief Creative and Sustainability Officer of WeTransfer. He’s the author of The Trust ManifestoAlgorythmic Reality and hosts the Influence podcast. He is chairman of the University of the Underground and The Supporting Act Foundation, as well as a trustee for the Sarabande Foundation. Follow him on Twitter. Sign up for his newsletter Any Given Sunday.