WeTransfer Teams Up with Illustrator Alva Skog

Distinctive Swedish illustrator brings bright, vivacious style to WeTransfer interface

AMSTERDAM — February 17, 2021 — WeTransfer, the company with a set of tools for the creative process, today announced a collaboration with Swedish illustrator and graphic designer, Alva Skog. The company teamed up with Alva to create custom spot illustrations and default Pro wallpapers — highlighting key moments throughout the product’s interface. The illustrations were animated by Jelly London’s KITCHEN, creating micro-narratives to surprise and delight WeTransfer users and provide a visual aid in using the product.

Known for their work in creative outlets, Alva Skog expresses and questions ideas and ideals such as inequality and gender identity through their illustration work. For WeTransfer, Alva reimagined WeTransfer’s spot illustrations & default Pro wallpaper through inspiration from comics and cartoons and subsequently creating playful, dynamic and 'coming out of the frame' characters.

“WeTransfer is a visual brand, built by creatives and for creatives,” Nessim Higson, Executive Creative Director at WeTransfer said. “We infuse joy and thoughtful design into every element of the product experience. Our spot illustrations are your visual cheerleader, accompanying you in every step and celebrating these small moments with you. We are thrilled to work with Alva, a talented designer who helped us make those moments even better for our creative community of users.”

“It was an absolute joy to make these spots and wallpapers for WeTransfer,” said Alva Skog. “It was a fun challenge to reimagine and create new designs for captions like 'success', 'password protection' and 'oops something went wrong'. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the WeTransfer team to come up with ideas and seeing the spots come to life in animation with the help of Jelly London’s KITCHEN.” 

WeTransfer Pro users have the option to customize the Pro page background in a way that reflects their brand’s theme or personality. Pro users can either upload their own branded wallpaper or choose a wallpaper from WeTransfer’s gallery. These default wallpapers are commissioned artworks from admirable artists, including Alva Skog. 

Approximately 75 percent of WeTransfer users identify as creatives. WeTransfer’s founding commitment is to support the global creative community because it believes creativity is the driving force behind humankind. Since the beginning, it has donated up to 30 percent of its advertising real estate to raise awareness for artists, creative work, and the world’s most pressing issues. This amounts to more than $300 million to-date and has led to partnerships with artists and organizations like BjörkFKA twigsSolange, the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Through its editorial platform WePresent, WeTransfer celebrates and showcases unexpected stories about creativity, uncovering under-the-radar works of art, photography, and music from around the world and the creative processes behind them.