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WeTransfer Unveils New Brand Campaign, "Doubt. Create. Repeat."

The new campaign reflects on the critical cultural inflection point; boldly calls on creative community to harness feelings of doubt in pursuit of their ideas.

Ingrid VälkSenior Communications ManagerSeptember 21, 2020

LOS ANGELES—Sep 22, 2020—WeTransfer, the company that builds digital tools for the creative process, today announced its new global brand campaign, “Doubt. Create. Repeat.”The campaign created in partnership with lead creative agency, Preacher reflects on feelings of uncertainty and calls on creatives to leverage doubt as fuel to propel new ideas forward. Also today, WeTransfer unveiled its new brand identity with new icons designed by Mackey Saturday, whose work includes logos for Instagram, Oculus and Luxe. The brand identity also introduces a custom font designed by Grilli Type, a fresh color palette, and a design system to represent the movement of ideas. 

As a company uniquely embedded in the creative community, WeTransfer seeks to reframe doubt as a way to question, iterate, and build a pathway to positive change. Recently, WeTransfer surveyed 30,000 people who serve in creative industries for its upcoming Ideas Report, which explores the nuances of creativity and inspiration. Overwhelmingly, WeTransfer found that “feelings of doubt and concern about the future” are higher than normal, yet nearly half of respondents have felt a surge of creative ideas in tandem. 

Doubt. Create. Repeat.

“Nothing is more important and central to the creative process than the question of, ‘is there a better way to do this?’” said Damian Bradfield, Chief Creative Officer and President of WeTransfer. “Historically, some of our greatest artistic achievements are born out of conflict or revolution that’s reached critical mass. Conflict and struggle draw remarkable creativity in us that connects, inspires, and soothes. That’s the time we’re living through right now, and we wanted to capture that sentiment in this spot.” 

Through its new brand campaign, WeTransfer is drawing on its heritage as a company that values and facilitates every part of the creative process. Today, the company is doubling down on its focus to deliver the best tools that empower creatives to flourish in this new era of remote work. Its product portfolio includes collaborative presentation tool, Paste®; popular sketching app, Paper®, and inspiration gathering app Collect. The “Doubt. Create. Repeat.” campaign reflects WeTransfer’s diverse product offerings that help break down, build up, evolve, and push forward big ideas.

“It’s no secret that the world is currently plagued by doubt,” said Julia Shapiro, Senior Director of Marketing at WeTransfer. “But as creatives, we understand the important role doubt can play in the creative process. Questioning an idea helps make it better. This campaign is a rallying cry for our community to lean into those feelings of uncertainty, put them to action, and find ways to improve themselves, and the world.”

Since launching in 2009, WeTransfer has been committed to supporting the creative community. For more than 10 years, the company has fortified this commitment by donating 30% of its advertising space on its global platform to raise awareness for artists, creative work and causes that align with its mission. This year, upon the onset of the global pandemic, WeTransfer accelerated its support and donated an additional 500 million ad impressions on its highly-trafficked homepage wallpaper to showcase the work of artists and organizations that support them. 

“A decade ago we started WeTransfer and over time created a few very simple tools to help keep you in your creative flow. We get it. Doubt can be a major distraction, so everything else shouldn’t be.” Bradfield said. “This campaign underscores our belief that ideas have the power to do good in the world — and we could use some of that right now.”

The campaign was produced in collaboration with creative agency Preacher and media agency Noble People. For more information, please visit:


Creative Agency: Preacher

Founders: Krystle Loyland, Seth Gaffney, Rob Baird

Creative Directors: Marcus Brown & Zach Watkins

Strategy Director: Marika Wiggan

Brand Director: Stephanie Smith

Sr. Producer: Rachel Kichler

Sr. Art Directors: Elliot Eliash & J.J. Kraft

Sr. Copywriter: Chris Vandersall

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Daniel Warwick

Line Producer: Jakob Rühle

DP: Ottar Gudnason

Editor, Andy McGraw: Cartel

Mix: Dusty Albertz, TBD Post

Finish & Animation: The Mill

Media Agency: Noble People

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