Exclusive Solange interview and behind-the-scenes material from art film "When I Get Home" on WePresent

WePresent collaborates with award-winning singer Solange to make the screening of her new film possible in museums and galleries across several continents, and to tell her story about the film in personal interview on WePresent.

Today, WePresent publishes an intimate, personal interview with visual artist and singer/songwriter Solange Knowles. In the interview, she comments for the first time on the 'Director's Cut' Edition of her art film 'When I Get Home.' She also opens up about her childhood, the notion of 'home,' her sources of inspiration and the process of creating the film. The interview on WePresent is accompanied by exclusive imagery from the making of "When I Get Home" and the trailer premiere for the film.

Find the interview here: we.tl/solangewhenigethome 

The extended version of 'When I Get Home' is currently screening at institutions across the world, from Los Angeles to Paris from now until October. The screenings started last week in Solange's hometown of Houston and are made possible through a collaboration with WePresent.

The film was directed and edited by Solange Knowles with contributing directors Alan Ferguson, Terence Nance, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Ray Tintori. Additional art courtesy of Houston artists Autumn Knight and Robert Pruitt and collage work by Gio Escobar of Standing on The Corner. The film also features new sculptural work by the artist, "Boundless Body" (2019), an 8 by 100 ft. rodeo arena displayed in the desert of Marfa, which sits alongside many architectural wonders in the film, such as the Rothko Chapel at the Menil Collection and the I. M. Pei designed Dallas City Hall.

When I Get Home is an exploration of origin and spiritual expedition. The film confronts how much of us have we taken or left behind in our evolutions, and how much fear determines this? The artist returned to her home state of Texas to answer this through an expedition of a futurist rodeo uplifting the narrative of black cowboys and honoring her Houston lineage through this visual meditation.

The artist shares:

"When I was younger I would fear what the people called the Holy Spirit and what it would do to the men and women around me. I never wanted it to catch me, and was terrified on how it might transform me if it did! Much of this film is a surrendering to that fear. After a really tough health year and the loss of the body that I once knew, the film is an invitation for that same spirit to manifest through me and the work I want to continue to create"

The extended version of the film is screened exclusively from 17 July 2019 across partner institutions in USA and Europe. For full screenings information download a digital When I Get Home Film Poster from WeTransfer (we.tl/whenigethome)