WeTransfer unveils brand campaign “Please Leave,” reflecting the relationship between people and technology

Celebrating WeTransfer’s role and purpose in supporting creativity and the flow of ideas without distractions or interruptions.

LOS ANGELES—May 9, 2019— WeTransfer, the company that supports creativity with an expanding portfolio of tools that move ideas and preserve focus at every stage of the creative process, today unveiled its new global brand campaign, called “Please Leave.” The campaign highlights the new reality that digital technologies have often become a distraction from productivity, and the unique role that WeTransfer has in helping people reclaim their time with simple and intuitive tools.

“We are in the midst of a global transformation of how people relate to their work and their creative projects,” said Damian Bradfield, CMO and President of WeTransfer. “Trials, interruptions, ads and data-mining have made our digital tools more of a burden than a solution. The more time people spend in a tech ecosystem, the less time they spend out in the world, getting inspiration and building things. The underlying poem behind our campaign says it well: ‘when you’re here, you’re not there’ – and that comes at the price of creativity, relationships and real meaning. Get out of your tech and make things happen.”

A global study released from WeTransfer, called the Ideas Report, polled 10,000 people who work in creative industries and found that pressures from time, work, and distractions from the internet are most likely to get in the way of ideas.

As the preferred products of choice for creative thinkers, WeTransfer is uniquely positioned to not only facilitate creativity, but help people work more effectively and deliver more impactful results. The campaign reflects WeTransfer’s new diverse product offerings that collectively remove friction from every stage of the creative process — from sparking ideas, capturing content, developing and editing, to delivery.

With the new brand campaign, WeTransfer is drawing on its heritage as a company that values putting people first, online and offline. As part of its commitment to the creative community, WeTransfer has donated 30% of its full-page advertising inventory since inception to artists, freelancers, and other creatives to elevate underrepresented voices. And following the release of its 2018 Ideas Report, showing travel as one of the highest sources for sparking creativity, WeTransfer recently surprised six students from around the world with trips to new cities to energize creative inspiration.

Starting on May 9th, the campaign will deliver messages to consumers at scale, focusing on the intersection of life and work; giving back time; and inspiration through beautification of everyday moments.

Partnering with New York-based independent media agency, Noble People, WeTransfer is running an original video, made in collaboration with Stink Studios and featuring Roxane Gay, on Hulu and other media channels. Additionally, WeTransfer is literally giving back time by working with content partners to run ad-free listening/watching on Pandora and connected TVs. Further, WeTransfer and Noble People built a partnership with WIRED for a first-to-market opportunity that breaks down paywall barriers for extra content and article access courtesy of WeTransfer, among other media activations.

“This is more than a brand campaign. It’s a fundamental principle for how WeTransfer values and treats its users, and for how we design our products,” Bradfield said. “Our view was, is, and always will be: people first, creativity second, technology third. We’re a team of creative thinkers. We see you. We hear you. We believe great things happen when things just flow.”

For more information, please visit leave.bywetransfer.com.