WeTransfer presents short film ‘Breaking the Circle'

WeTransfer premieres its latest commissioned documentary - Breaking the Circle. The film is about Brazil’s women opposing rampant gender inequality through Samba, launched on International Women's Day 2019.

WeTransfer, premieres latest commissioned documentary on its editorial platform WePresent - Breaking the Circle;  a 15 minute documentary by director and filmmaker Tobias Nathan. Set in Brazil, the timely short film provides an insight into how women there are reclaiming Brazilian samba circles and fighting back against the country’s rampant gender inequality through music and community.

Tobias Nathan says, “This story is as important and as relevant as ever. As inspirational as it’s ever been. At a time when women are rising together all over the globe, this is a story of what success, or a version of it, can begin to look like. What the resistance can become. These women's’ determination to fight for what is rightfully theirs, in the face of multi-generational oppression, is awe inspiring. Should it have been told sooner? Probably. By someone else? Maybe. I’m only grateful to have been able to see it, firsthand, and to share it with whomever will listen.”

The story began as a piece about women in the Samba Circle. It later evolved into a study of the relationships between classes, races and sexes. Focusing on what it means to be a woman in Brazil and in particular, to be black, gay or from the slums in Brazil. The points are contextualized against the canvas of political upheaval and cultural uncertainty.

Breaking the Circle will launch on WeTransfer’s WePresent on International Women’s Day. The premiere will take place later that evening at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, where the Director, Tobias Nathan will take part in a live Q&A with WePresent Editor Suzanne Tromp. The event deliberately coincides with International Women’s Day 2019 as WeTransfer partner with UN Women to launch the HeForShe Arts Week in Amsterdam for the second year running.

“WePresent believes in telling stories from as many different people in as many different places as possible. And we love telling stories about creativity which also speak to social, cultural and political themes. Through the experiences of these amazingly brave and talented women, this film raises questions we all need to think about, however uncomfortable they may be.” Rob Alderson, Editor-in-Chief, WeTransfer.

Watch the film here.

Breaking the Circle Credits

Featuring Sambadas Moça Prosa Samba Que Elas Querem Tia Cida

Directed by Tobias Nathan Executive

Producer Bernardo Portella

Creative Producer Tadeu Bijos

Executive Producer Jamal Dauda at WeTransfer

Project Coordinator Danielle Boelling at WeTransfer

Cinematographer Drew Bienemann

Editor Carlos Flores

Original Music Gavin Brivik

Sound Designer Bobb Barito

Colorist Mikey Rossiter

Production Brazil Cosmo Cine

Local Producer São Paulo Gabriela Alcantara

Production Manager São Paulo Clara Nunes

Production Coordinator São Paulo Beatriz Araújo

Sound Mixer Rio De Janeiro Dudu Falcão

Sound Mixer São Paulo Anderson Ferreira ‘Andinho’

Camera Assistant Rio De Janiero Fernando Dom

Camera Assistant São Paulo Leo Jun Gaffer Euler Santana ‘Lelo’ Van Reinaldo

Post Producer Ali Webb

Color Producer Evan Bauer @ The Mill New York

Assistant Editor Kat Ye Assistant

Editor Leon Wu

Title Design Daveion Thompson

Samba Que Elas Querem Angélica Marino Bárbara Fernandes Cecília Cruz Duda Bouhid Giselle Sorriso Júlia Ribeiro Karina Neves Mariana Solis Silvia Duffrayer Moça Prosa Ana Priscila Dani Andrade Fabíola Machado Jack Rocha Karina Isbelle Luana Rodrigues Tainá Brito Sambadas Kelly Carol Nascimento Paloma Maria Fernanda Erêndira Bianca Camila Midori Débora

SPECIAL THANKS Emi Stewart Expanded Renata Portes Evan Bauer The Mill New York Ali Webb Carlos Flores Drew Bienemann Forager Cosmo Cine Salim El Ajra Couscous.TV John Benthal Jordi Nus