WeTransfer and King Krule conclude three-part collaboration with new video

New music video for ‘Logos’ from the King Krule album 'The OOZ'

Today King Krule released a new music video for ‘Logos’. It can be watched here.

It’s a hand-drawn animation and labour of love by Archy’s brother Jack, a South East London-based musician, visual artist and long-time collaborator.

‘Logos’ is the final piece of a three-part collaboration with WeTransfer, which saw King Krule exploring the creative process with each video’s director, hosted on WePresent. With previous videos from cc. Wade and Charlotte Patmore, Jack Marshall’s video is the pair’s latest collaboration since the release of their collaborative multimedia project ‘A New Place 2 Down’ in 2015.

Though using different mediums for their creativity, these two brothers and artists understand each other on a deeper level. Having collaborated on music and art from a young age, their discussion explores this shared narrative link and how both brothers helped shaped each other’s artistic tastes while growing up together.