WeTransfer relaunches mobile app as 'Collect by WeTransfer'

New app is a way to collect, organize, and share ideas with friends and colleagues

October 30, 2018 - Today, WeTransfer announced the relaunch of their mobile app as Collect by WeTransfer, reimagining the way we can save, organize, and share media in the mobile space.

Collect by WeTransfer introduces a new way for users to build ideas together in a visual way, allowing multiple people to add photos, videos, articles, notes, songs, and links to one unified place. Users can save any type of media to boards, which can then be edited collaboratively and shared with others. The new app also features cheeky, instructive illustrations by Roman Muradov, which walk users through all of the app’s features for collecting, sharing, and collaborating.

Collect is the latest in WeTransfer’s family of intuitive, user-friendly tools for creative work. The tools also include WePresent (an editorial platform with 2 million monthly readers), and the original web platform, WeTransfer.com, (with 42 million monthly active users and over a billion files sent each month). In August of this year, WeTransfer acquired popular sketching app Paper and collaborative presentation app Paste.

Samuel Beek, Product Manager Mobile, comments:

“Mobile is a fundamentally different platform than desktop, so when building this app we also needed a different approach. Rather than taking the traditional text-based, note writing approach to a collection app, we focused on the visual. Our users live and create across media and across the web, so we’ve created an app that meets their needs.”

Collect by WeTransfer fills the gap for a simple and beautiful mobile experience that allows people to organize anything from any app. Collect provides the ability to quickly collect and share content in a visual way — whether it’s sharing recipes, collaborating on a house remodel, planning a trip, or creating a mood board — while also allowing users to share a quick link to a single large file.

Gordon Willoughby, CEO of WeTransfer, comments:

"Collect by WeTransfer solidifies our evolution from a simple file-sharing service to a wider set of beautifully obvious digital tools that encourage creation and collaboration. Following our recent acquisition of Paper & Paste, this couldn’t be a better time to introduce the Collect experience to a wider group of users and build on our commitment to creating products that make sharing ideas effortless.”

WeTransfer’s products are used by over 50 million people each month and the company was recently named one of Fast Company’s most innovative businesses of 2018.