WeTransfer’s mobile app to collect and share ideas now available on Android

Previously only on iOS, the new WeTransfer mobile app for transferring files and more is now available in the Google Play Store.

WeTransfer is extending its set of tools today with the availability of a new app for Android — a simple way for users to share, save and organize ideas.

On top of sending photos and videos, users can now save links, article, music and more straight from their favorite apps. Items can be shared instantly using WeTransfer or collected and organized onto visual boards.

In addition to the standard WeTransfer functionality (sending large files with a simple link or email), the new app enables items and boards to be shared directly into a variety of other channels including Slack and WhatsApp.

By introducing the concept of boards, the WeTransfer app aims to make the sending and receiving of visual and more varied content easier for everyone — whether it’s a project storyboard, a business venture or a simply an ongoing collection of inspiration and ideas.

Samuel Beek, Product Manager Mobile, comments:

“At WeTransfer we’re all about enabling people to share their creative ideas in the most effortless way possible. With the WeTransfer app, it’s easy to collect and share different file types, facilitating a much smoother workflow on mobile.We released our iOS app last year and it’s already hit three million monthly active users, so the progression to release on Android was natural. We’re super excited to deliver the updated functionality to this market and can’t wait to see what they create.”

Gordon Willoughby, CEO of WeTransfer, comments:

"The release of the mobile app for all platforms marks a new milestone for WeTransfer, as the company evolves from a simple file-sharing service to providing a wider set of tools for creative minds; from getting inspiration on our editorial platform WePresent, to collecting and organizing ideas on your mobile phone, to sharing the final work via WeTransfer.”

The WeTransfer app is available for iOS and Android

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