WeTransfer celebrates Pride with amazing work from LGBTQ+ communities around the world

In the series Through the Prism of Pride, WeTransfer explores the power that creative expression has to encourage change, understanding and acceptance in LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

Photo: Still from Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu

Today, WeTransfer celebrates Pride by presenting the series Through the Prism of Pride. The company will showcase five creative projects on WePresent, WeTransfer’s editorial platform. Each continent is represented by a project, to show that although pride is about the same fight, the challenges communities face can be different in various locations.

“It’s been brilliant to see the various ways these artists tackle the different challenges within their community creatively – from a sci-fi podcast to staged wedding photography to an ABC for the queer spectrum. WeTransfer believes that creative thinking changes the world for the better, and these projects are incredible examples of that. By sharing the stories of these creatives, we hope to help spread the important message of pride further,” said WePresent’s editor Suzanne Tromp.

The creative projects presented in this series are Alphabet Soup (UK), Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya), How She Loves by Charmaine Poh (China/Singapore), The Penumbra Podcast (US) and Queer Icons by Gabriel Garcia Roman (Mexico).

Alphabet Soup (UK) Alphabet Soup is a UK-based online platform attempting to put the way people feel about themselves into words. The site hosts a growing index of potential identities in the hope that readers can better understand their own experiences.

Rafiki (Kenya) Wanuri Kahiu’s film Rafiki tells the love story of two girls in Kenya. Banned in her own country, but presented at Cannes Film Festival this year, Wanuri’s film represents the need for further discussion on same-sex relationships, which remain illegal in Kenya.

Charmaine Poh (China-Singapore): In her ongoing project How She Loves, Chinese-Singaporean photographer Charmaine Poh depicts staged weddings with queer couples in Singapore. With the state’s laws regarding same-sex marriage still blurred, her photos explore perspectives on love, identity and companionship.

The Penumbra Podcast (US)The Penumbra Podcast is a sci-fi series telling the stories that need to be told. Crafting characters that aren’t seen or represented elsewhere, the US-based team presents an otherworldly journey that touches on worldly problems.

Gabriel Garcia Roman (Mexico): Finding inspiration in portraiture styles of Renaissance, Flemish and Christian Orthodox paintings, with Queer Icons Gabriel Garcia Roman aims to elevate multi-dimensional, powerful and proud contemporary figures.

All five projects can be found on WePresent - WeTransfer’s editorial platform - on June 28th at we.tl/prism-pride.

Note to editors

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