WeTransfer launches first third party integration with Slack

WeTransfer Slack app makes it easy to share files in and out Slack, demonstrating the companies’ shared values.

WeTransfer has announced its first third party integration with Slack, the popular workplace communications tool. WeTransfer’s Slack app will allow users to share large files in and out of the app, without interrupting workflow.

WeTransfer’s founding principle is to make the sharing and transfer of ideas easier and simpler. This partnership is an extension of that, and will integrate the company’s simplicity and file sharing capabilities into the work habits of millions of Slack users around the world. This Slack integration is a logical first for WeTransfer, as both companies work tirelessly to make work easier, simpler, and more efficient by allowing workers to share information and communicate with their colleagues. With WeTransfer’s Slack app, it will be easier than ever to share meaningful ideas within and outside of workplaces.

Following this integration, WeTransfer will open their API to developers starting today, enabling them to easily integrate the file-sharing function within their platforms.

Travis Brown, WeTransfer VP of Business Development, commented: “We’re thrilled to debut our first integration with Slack - a company we respect and whose products we use every day.  Slack’s platform is a heartbeat of communication between our offices in Amsterdam and LA, so launching this as our first integration was a no-brainer. With it, we can share the simplicity of WeTransfer on another platform that makes people’s lives easier, and it’s an exciting first step for us as we open our API.”

The WeTransfer Slack app will be available starting today in the Slack Directory.