WeTransfer Plus

Get more out of WeTransfer, get Plus

A better service

  • Send up to 20GB at a time
  • Store up to 100GB
  • Password protect your files

Your own look and feel

  • Personalize your profile
  • Choose your background images
  • Customize your emails

What you'll get

Plus look n feel

Your own WeTransfer experience

Present your files in style as Plus lets you personalize WeTransfer by choosing your own background images. You can also customize your URL and shape the emails that are sent with your files.

Plus bigger

20GB transfers

A Plus account lets you transfer up to 20GB at a time, whether that’s lots of small files, or one massive one. That’s ten times more than our regular service, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Plus history

See your transfer overview

With WeTransfer Plus, files are not deleted after a set period of time. It is simple to manage your transfers, see what you have sent and when, and easily forward, resend or delete transfers.

Plus password

Password-protected transfers

Plus users have the option to protect their transfers with a password. This gives them extra peace of mind when sending sensitive or confidential files.

WeTransfer Plus

With more power and personalization, WeTransfer Plus is where your ideas shine


Make it yours

Wave goodbye to ads with personalized wallpapers for every transfer (and branded emails to match). Because great ideas deserve to look good.

Level up

Send bigger transfers

With Plus you can transfer up to 20GB at a time, that’s 10 times more than our regular service. What can we say? We like big files and we cannot lie. (Sorry.)

Transfer overview

Manage your transfers

Thanks to 100GB of storage, you can decide when files are deleted. See who has downloaded your files (or who’s ghosting you) and easily forward, resend, or delete transfers.

Extra security

Protect your files

Add a password to your transfers for extra piece of mind. Keep sensitive files safe and secure and be sure your ideas end up in the right hands.

Upgrade to Plus today for $10/month

  • Send up to 20GB at a time
  • Store up to 100GB of files
  • Wave goodbye to ads
  • Password-protect transfers
  • Create a personal WeTransfer url
  • Style your own page
  • Send branded emails with every transfer
  • Decide when files are deleted
  • Manage your transfers
  • Build your own address book
  • Connect your WeTransfer apps
  • Get (even) more support