From Em Cole’s thought-provoking images and Killer Acid’s psychedelic illustrations to the typographic powerhouse Two Points, Posterzine features some of the best print-makers and designers working today. An initiative of Marcroy Smith from People of Print, Posterzine is both a magazine as well as a beautifully designed poster –it opens like a mag, features an interview, and folds down into a huge piece of art. Incredible creatives like Anthony Burrill and Felipe Pantone have not only designed new pieces but have opened up about their work in an interview for the project.

We are giving away 11 (!) issues in a digital download pack. Click on the button below to discover the creative minds featured in the posterzines.

  1. Anthony Burrill – Interview by Rob Alderson
  2. Colophon Foundry – Interview by Anna Chayasatit
  3. Eike König – Interview by Liv Siddall
  4. Em Cole – Interview by Kate Hollowood
  5. Felipe Pantone – Interview by Jessica Ann Spires
  6. Gemma O’Brien – Interview by Marcroy Smith
  7. Killer Acid – Interview by Marcroy Smith
  8. Patrick Savile – Interview by Jessica Ann Spires
  9. Heretic – Interview by Anna Chayasatit
  10. The Future Mapping Company – Interview by Kate Hollowood
  11. Two Points – Interview by Kate Hollowood


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