Illustration by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Epiphanies: Creatives’ search for their true talent

Everyone is looking to experience a eureka moment, an epiphany, in an exact time and an exact place when and where you know you have discovered your true talent. But how do you know what you’re good at? When do you know? And when you finally know, how do you make it happen? In this series we explore that search and what follows.

For some it is about realizing their childhood dream, others seem to stumble upon it without knowing it existed. The very unfortunate can continue to search their whole lives to experience that single moment.

We spoke to creatives in some of the most extraordinary jobs out there, from a food architect to a foley artist, to unravel how they discovered their passion, and maybe more importantly, how they pursued it.

Click the links below to read the interviews. 

Sue Harding, Foley Artist

Jobert Abma, Hacker and co-founder HackerOne

Sam Bompas, co-founder Bompas & Parr

Vanessa Dewey, Art Director at Mattel

Illustrations by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

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