The Trust Manifesto by Damian Bradfield

If you could reinvent the internet now, what would it look like?

The internet is our home. In developed countries, second to sleeping are the hours we spend online. Our children and future generations will be permanently connected to this new metaphysical extension of earth and it is our responsibility to ensure that this lynchpin of communication, learning and life is safe.

What is becoming increasingly evident is that the internet as it was first intended is vastly different from what it is today. The original intentions were most certainly of a place that was trusted, run by an oligopoly of idealists and fairly lawless. 

Today, what is also very evident is that there are vast similarities between the growth of new cities and the internet. As such, there are some great learnings we can apply from history books and the offline world that apply equally as strongly to the online world.

The trust manifesto is a short book divided into 3 parts; the present internet, WeTransfer and our role and potential solutions for the future or what is needed for a better internet. 

The book is available for sale now and all proceeds go to United for Global Mental Health.

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Illustrations by David Sanchez.