New WeTransfer tools to simplify the creative process

Introducing portals and reviews to share client work and get feedback in one place

As an organization that supports creativity and builds tools for creative work, we know the past two years have been a rollercoaster across the industry. Having lost spontaneous brainstorming sessions and actual face time, it’s clear now that some things are hard to replace. Different collaboration tools have tried to keep up, offering new ways to stay in touch and work with people in the same team and company. But for creative studios and freelancers, whose work involves rounds of feedback and establishing a rapport with clients, something has been missing. The truth is, your client is a different type of collaborator than your colleague. 

With portals and reviews, introduced in beta late last year, we’re striving to respect the nature of the creative and client relationship, and to drive seamless collaboration. Today we’re humbled and excited to announce WeTransfer Premium, our biggest new offering since the launch of WeTransfer, which includes a full range of new features to support and streamline the creative review:

Portals offer an overview of current work, feedback, and clients all in one place. No client log-in required.

Reviews is the simplest way to see creative assets, preview video, add comments, and get approval on rounds of work without downloading a single asset. 

Actions keep clients accountable and projects on track by providing clear direction without unnecessary meetings and email threads.

Supporting creative work

For a long time we’ve had the honor of getting your ideas to where they need to go. Now with portals and reviews, we’ve created a single destination for every round of creative review, so that feedback stays in context, files remain in one place, and clients don’t have to log into yet another program just to review the latest work. Seems simple, but that’s the goal.

WeTransfer has always played a part in the creative process. For over a decade we have been making the transfer of files a simple, quick, and inspirational experience. We want to minimize the disruption our apps cause to creative flow. At the heart of everything we do, we strive to make tools that are effective, accessible, and intuitive––tools that creatives need to inspire them, to make managing projects easier, and to make working with clients and collaborators simpler. Tools that free up time from mundane but essential tasks, so instead of worrying about document management, creative professionals can spend more time being creative. 

“WeTransfer isn’t just functional, it’s emotional,” said Lexie Papilion, director of brand relationships at Los Angeles-based agency Party Land, when we spoke with her team last year. As AdAge’s 2021 Small Agency of the Year and an early beta user of portals and reviews, Party Land is no stranger to tricky feedback and navigating the creative-client relationship. We’re proud that WeTransfer has supported their work over the years and I invite you to read about their experience using our new features to launch a 360 marketing campaign for a brand new client.

This is just the beginning of our journey and there’s more to come. We want to hear what you think and learn about your needs as a member of the creative community. Welcome to the new WeTransfer for the way we work now. We’re glad you’re here.