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During this season we explore the complexity of being black in America, non verbal communication, plus more

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Episode 1: Cindy Gallop on getting what you want – inside and outside the boardroom
Damian Bradfield kicks off season 2 with straight-talking, advertising powerhouse, Cindy Gallop. From transforming the US market with her campaign for Axe to being the only speaker to say “cum on my face” on the TED stage, Cindy knows a thing or two about disrupting the system. She talks to us about her guaranteed formula for creative success (we’ll give you a hint, it’s all about trust), why women should ask for a shit ton of money and the reality of running a sex tech startup.

Episode 2: Karan Wadhera on investing in cannabis and working with Snoop
Raking in billions of dollars in legal revenue (even during COVID-19), cannabis is one of the most sophisticated and tech-forward industries out there. This week Damian chats all things weed with renowned investor Karan Wadhera who, as managing partner of Casa Verde Capital, has seen first-hand how the industry can thrive. The pair discuss smart cannabis tech, doing business with Snoop and how to manage advertising for a product plagued with stigma.

Episode 3: Rana el Kaliouby on what makes us human (and how brands can cash in on it)
90% of everything we say is communicated nonverbally. So can we ever get across how we really feel over chat apps, emails or conference calls? This week Damian talks to Rana el Kaliouby who, as founder and CEO of Affectiva, has pioneered a digital software that can read and analyze human emotion in real time. The pair discuss how tracking viewer response helps brands like Coke and Dove make better, more-inclusive ads, and why a future grounded in digital comms might see us emotionally regress.

Episode 4: Episode Takeover - Processing this Moment with Andrew Simon and Brentin Mock
This week we take the time to process this moment with Grist’s director of leadership programming Andrew Simon, and Brentin Mock, staff writer at CityLab. The pair discuss the sheer complexity of existing as Black men in America today, and why every step forward seems to be followed by another one back.

Episode 5:
Matthew Freud on rebrands, relations and bad reputations
He’s repaired reputations, put a stop to scandals, and even had Harvey Weinstein clamouring at his door – so who better to turn to in a time of COVID-induced crisis? This week Damian chats to Matthew Freud, the world’s go-to man for publicity, access and damage control. The pair get real about hitting reset, knowing who to trust, and what it’s like to carry the weight of your great grandfather’s name (yes, that Freud).

Episode 6: Yancey Strickler, the co-founder of Kickstarter, on what advertising can’t buy
Damian chats to Yancey Strickler, co-founder and former CEO of Kickstarter, about how the notorious crowdfunding platform thrives on what money can’t buy: community, word of mouth and creating for creation’s sake. The pair discuss metamodernist philosophy, what it means to have “value” and Yancey introduces us to Bentoism – which features in his book This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World.

Episode 7:
Quynh Mai on marketing to Gen Z and Kanye’s creative drive
She ran one of the first ever influencer marketing campaigns, knows exactly how to reach Gen Z and has Kanye on her client roster – this week Damian chats to the indomitable Quynh Mai, founder of Moving Image & Content. The pair discuss the digitization of advertising, the companies that will survive COVID-19 and how good branding can be a beacon of hope in a dystopian political climate.

Episode 8: Sara DeCou on Miquela, the computer-generated influencer that captivated the internet
Thanks to social media, emerging technologies and, let’s face it, an increasingly surreal zeitgeist, our idea of what’s real and what’s not is murkier than ever. This week Damian chats to Sara DeCou, co-founder of Brud and co-creator of Miquela – a computer-generated influencer who amassed over 1.5 million Instagram followers. The pair discuss alter egos, fake news and a dystopian-sounding future governed by technology.

Episode 9: Troy Carter on fresh starts, the Fresh Prince and the future of music
From scoring a record deal (and a free ride home) with Will Smith to promoting superstars like Lady Gaga and Eve, it seemed Troy Carter had it all figured out. But it’s screwing up and learning from his mistakes that got him to where he is today – a high-flying music mogul and investment entrepreneur. In our season finale Damian and Troy talk all things tech, business, music and failure, plus how Covid-19 will change the way we connect.

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