Everyone’s Business: Shaping a More Responsible Advertising Future

As the industry moves forward in its effort towards responsible advertising, let’s discuss what it is, what we’ve been doing so far, and what we can continue doing together.

At WeTransfer, we’ve always done things a bit differently. Our commitment to responsibility - the responsibility to do right by everyone from our audience to our advertisers and the broader industry - has always been at the very core of our approach to advertising. And, as an integral part of our business, it also played a big role in getting our B Corp certification.

Although becoming B Corp certified was a big step forward, since then we’ve been even more motivated to turn steps into strides on our path to doing more, doing better and, of course, achieving these goals, together. 

From the very beginning, our focus was to make a positive impact on our users' lives, and the creative communities around us. Since then we’ve been using our resources to continue providing free tools for people in various countries in the world, keep supporting the creative communities by giving away 30% of our advertising space and investing in causes and creative projects we care about.

But we couldn't have achieved this on our own. The support of our subscribers, advertisers and community, has been instrumental in our ability to invest in and continue to evolve our policies and programs. And with your continued support, there’s even more that we can achieve.

Responsible Advertising

The current advertising ecosystem is changing, driven by consumer demand for more transparency, accountability and action from brands. But why just adapt to it when we can work together to shape it, and help move the industry forward?

But, what is Responsible Advertising, and what does it imply?

As a widely-encompassing and still evolving topic, there is no simple answer. However, if we break it down to its core principle, responsible advertising is in its essence advertising that is not harmful. And the way we’re able to achieve that is by being intentional and responsible in all aspects of what we put out there, from messaging, to footprint, to accessibility and more.

Responsible advertising is in its essence advertising that is not harmful.

Natascha Chamuleau

Working Together

We’re continually looking for ways to maximize the positive impact of our advertising partnerships.  Using the insights we’ve gained in our (almost three) years as a B Corp, we’ve looked at ways to improve the way we conduct business, both with our partners and our suppliers. 

One such step is working to improve brand safety measures. To achieve that, we’ve recently published our Advertising policies that are reflective of our policies and our stance as a responsible publisher.

The guidance is intended to be mutually beneficial, protecting you, us and the consumer. For example, advertising on WeTransfer must respect consumers’ rights, promote conscious buying and respect human dignity. Of course, that’s just the starting point, but you’re always welcome to check the full guidelines out below!

Responsible Advertising Policies

We also believe knowledge-sharing is the key to building a mutual understanding of what Responsible Advertising entails, and the first step to taking purposeful actions, as an industry.  With that in mind, we’ve developed a series of bite-sized videos designed to help you better navigate this shifting ecosystem, and also see the many ways it benefits us all - companies, consumers and the planet.

Our goal when developing them was to also provide you with valuable insights that transcend our partnership, by being useful when having conversation and tackling challenges of your own, or within the broader industry. This way, we’ll be able to keep moving the industry forward - together, and independently.

Of course, there is still so much more to be done. And no one company is perfect - us included. But, by being guided by a higher purpose and deeper understanding of how our collective actions affect the world, we’re able to make better choices. Better choices that are truly beneficial for us all - from our bottom lines, to the brave new world beyond us.

Our promise is to continue to evolve, improve and find ways to keep doing better. And we couldn’t be more grateful to all our partners that don’t just support us in our ability to do so, but are also willing to join us in this journey to a better, more responsible future.