Paper® by WeTransfer Launches the Paper Store

The Paper Store unlocks access to creative prompts, workbooks and tutorials to build confidence in creative skills

NEW YORK — OCTOBER 21, 2019 — Paper® by WeTransfer, the immersive sketching app for forming ideas, today announced the launch of the Paper Store — a collection of journals with creative prompts, daily exercises, and drawing tutorials. The Paper Store extends the capabilities of the Paper® app with new offerings for notetaking, organization and mindfulness, empowering users to overcome their fear of the blank page and give their creativity a head start.

Paper®, made by FiftyThree and acquired by WeTransfer together with Paste® in 2018, gives people across all industries and skill sets a way to express ideas through sketching. Whether a creative by trade or at heart, the blank page and its endless possibilities can be an intimidating place to begin. The goal of the Paper Store is to make sketching and drawing more approachable and to facilitate creative growth.

Each journal will offer a new lesson to learn, a new activity to try, or a new tool to master. The three categories of journals are: “How To” tutorials that teach users to draw anything and everything, creative exercises that encourage new ways of thinking, and Artist Showcases full of inspiration from partnerships with notable artists such as Jon BurgermanCatherine Madden and Lucy Bellwood. At launch, the Paper Store will consist of 28 journals, each costing $1.99. 

“WeTransfer’s set of tools facilitates every stage of the creative process. With the Paper Store, we designed a universal resource for skills by encouraging confident creatives to experiment, and offer the curiously creative new ways to grow,” said Georg Petschnigg, Chief Innovation Officer at WeTransfer. “All that people need to create is inspiration and expressive tools. With Paper®, you can find both.”

To date, Paper® has more than 25 million downloads. The app's perfectly tuned tools make it easy to sketch, collage, diagram, and draw using fast, gesture-based navigation to keep users in flow. Paper®is a part of WeTransfer’s set of tools, including Paste®, WeTransfer, Collect and WePresent. Together, they allow users to quickly grow and develop ideas from initial thought to final delivery.

Download Paper® on iOS for free, and visit to learn more about Paper® and WeTransfer’s set of tools.