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Introducing portals and reviews.

First, we made sending files easy, and now we’re taking on the creative process. Upload work, share with clients, and track feedback.

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Simplify your review process

Reviewing work can be tricky. How do you keep track of multiple versions, multiple clients, and multiple rounds of feedback? With reviews, you can do it all from the same place you send your files.

  • Don’t let feedback slow you down

    Make sure the right people see your work (on time) and give you the exact feedback you need, without worrying about unnecessary meetings or endless email threads.

  • Wave goodbye to endless downloads

    With reviews, clients can view files and make selections (comments and approvals coming soon) without having to download a thing. Less admin for you, more storage for them.

Organize your work (and clients)

Portals help you and your clients keep track of all the creative work you share—from first draft to final cut (and everything in between). No more lost links or resharing files.

More features coming soon

  • Coming Soon - Feature 1Request approval
  • Coming Soon - Feature 2Add comments
  • Coming Soon - Feature 3Set due dates
  • Coming Soon - Feature 4Preview videos

Portals and reviews, available now with WeTransfer Pro.

Still WeTransfer, just more.

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